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  • ppegram By  ppegram    

    I hate this can opener! It will not keep a charge so that the next time you try to use it - dead. It takes forever to get charged so basically it is useless unless you keep it charging all the time. Definitely do not waste your money on it!

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  • FrancescaR1219 By  FrancescaR1219    

    I bought this hands free can opener some 10 years ago. And, today it's as good as the day I bought it. I have entrapped nerves in both my arms from extensive computer work and this is a life saver. You just snap it onto a can, press down and it "wizzes" around the can and comes to a stop when the job is done. I love this "Gizmo" and would not go a day without it. When the power gets low, you just plug it into the wall (the can opener sits in the charger when not in use) and soon it's ready to go. Thank you, Black and Decker, for this great invention!

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