Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

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The spotbot is an amazing little cleaner. Works great when you just have a little spill or stain. If you have a dog that has accidents or leaks at times it works wonders. I highly recommend you empty the dirty resorvior and run clean water through the nozzle after each use or you will have an odor. I recommend this to everyone for life's little accodents.

This is a great little carpet cleaner for pet owners. Worked great on cat stains after my kitty was sick. In fact it even cleaned too well in some areas and left a very clean and bright circle, so I had to have our carpets professionally done to get them to look right! We had white carpeting so if you have a darker color, that shouldn't be a big issue. Only draw back is the price, for the limitations on it, I think it needs a better price point.

Bissell's SpotBot Pet is a unique hands-free carpet cleaner. Simply fill the tank with cleaner and water, place the SpotBot over the mess, and let the cleaning begin! I find that this saves time when the dogs make a small mess or have an accident. It leaves the carpet clean and allows me to do other chores while the SpotBot pet tackles the mess. The only negatives are that the SpotBot leaves the carpet smelling a bit like a wet dog and it can only clean a small area at a time. For larger messes, I use the attached hand cleaner to clean the carpet myself.

I spent alot of money on this because our dog was being a little turd. all it did was make a small stain on the carpet into a bigger circular stain. after 6 months I trashed it! I tried to keep it ready, but the water started to smell bad (just tap water with the soap in it) like it was mildewing. YUK!!!

We bought this when we first got our dog and I love it. It has lasted through 2 dogs and 2 kids and still keeps on doing its job. I don't like the loud beeping noise mine does when it is finished its cycle but that's a minor annoyance and the benefits definitely outweigh that. Its much easier to do one small spot at a time instead of lugging out the huge steam cleaner.

I can't live without mine. I have kids and puppies making a mess on my WHITE carpet and this puppy cleans the carpet like a charm. I can scrub it myself or I can leave it while I do other things

I absolutely love this product. We have an older cat who tends to get sick often, we also have a few rooms in our house that we don't go into all the time so sometimes we find her mess well after it has set. I had some really stubborn stains that had been there for months, i put ths SpotBot on there and gone were the stains....I keep it "fueled" and ready to go all the time now. Does a great job on juice spills too. One of the greatest gifts i have ever gotten. I also love that i can set it on the stain and go and do other things or i can use the hose attachent for the smaller areas.