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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    


    I have this one and with four kids my floors get messy!! This vacuum gets the job done! It?s amazing the only thing I would complain about is mine is heavy and my arm gets tired sometimes from pushing it across my floor but other than that it?s great

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  • Momof3801 By  Momof3801    

    Great Vacuum

    I love this vacuum its honestly the longest one we have ever had. Its not terribly expensive for a vacuum and it gets the job done tight.

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    You can't go wrong with this! Does an amazing job, don't own one , but my mom does and it works like a charm.

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  • ashleytaz By  ashleytaz    

    Bissell is awsome. i was sold on them when i used my sisters. i ran over a lamp cord and it snapd in half. from then on it's the one for me.

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  • montanagal78 By  montanagal78    

    it works ok but not the suction power I was hoping for. If you have pets you need something with much stronger suction.

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  • Lanie2585 By  Lanie2585    

    GRRR!! I LOVE THIS VACUUM! And all this time I've sworn by canister! This contraption is amazing! It's making me eat my words. first off, I did the 'info-mercial' test. I vacuumed a spot with my trusty canister, and then I vacuumed same spot w/ the this upright. It picked up so much more! I was amazed. And disgusted. But the disgust was from the filth that my canister left behind. I'm converted!

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  • tashadk2c By  tashadk2c    

    This vacuum works wonders, especially if you're used to using a crappy one. I can vacuum almost anything, but I wouldn't because I don't want to damage it just to see all the fun things I can suck up. It is powerful enough to clean corners, cracks, and even complicated floor surfaces. You know its a good vacuum when you can't wait for your kid to drop something new so you can vacuum it up.

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  • susie_q_8487 By  susie_q_8487    

    We purchased this about a year ago, haven't had any problems. It does a pretty good job, even on cat litter. All but one of the filters are washable. The only issue we have is that when it's time to empty it, dust gets everywhere. Overall very good vacuum for the money.

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