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  • breanna96 By  breanna96    

    My family and I decided to buy this here recently it has really been amazing used it to shampoo our cars carpet! We have even used it on our furniture. It works great and never leaves behind one stain!

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  • Peanutnov26 By  Peanutnov26    

    The little green machine is great for getting spots up out of your carpet

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  • FashionBeyond40x By  FashionBeyond40x    

    I own two bissel products this and a floor steamer / vacuum I love them BOTH! The Little Green Machine is amazing if you own pets! I could not live without mine.

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  • Mj8462 By  Mj8462    

    I want one!

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  • gianni8 By  gianni8    

    awesome vac hands down....just got to go buy one!

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  • rawls2 By  rawls2    

    Works great on furniture as well as the floor

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  • pixiesparkles By  pixiesparkles    

    Great for our toddler and pet messes, Quick and easy between carpet shampoos

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I think this cleans the floor much better then an actual shampooer. Its easy to use. And it doesn't take up much space.

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  • CoffeeChaosblog By  CoffeeChaosblog    

    I bought the Little Green Machine when we first got our dog. It was a life saver because he had issues with "marking" in the house. It made clean up so much easier than using a spray carpet cleaner and a cloth. Then we had a baby and the machine proved itself to be invaluable again. Thanks Bissell, you've made this Mom's life a whole lot easier.

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  • savneeboobel By  savneeboobel    

    Yes this is a neat little machine but get ready to spend some time on your knees and some wrist pain later. Also, better to pre-spray before you clean.

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  • poohsley By  poohsley    

    We bought this little guy after our first daughter started making messes. I wish I had bought it oh so much sooner. It would've been useful when the dh was still in construction and I had white carpet everywhere. This little machine has saved me aching arms and back. It cleans the sofa, dining chairs and spots on rugs and carpet all over the house. It doesn't seem like it would do much but when you see the water in the tank and the clean spots, you know it works!

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  • Kpryor127 By  Kpryor127    

    I have this but a slightly different modle, where it can keep the water heated. Let me just say that this little machine saved my new puppy's life. If it wasn't for this I'm not sure we would have made it though potty training her. But this machine made it so easy to just plug in, turn on, clean up, and empty that it was no big deal. There is nothing I would try to improve with it.

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  • dialua By  dialua    

    I bought this machine but it is my husband who uses it often. We have 2 grandchildren & 3 dogs that are running around our house daily. This machine is TERRIFIC for cleaning our sofas, chairs & carpeted stairs. It is convenient and easy to store. I would highly recommend it.

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  • duvessa By  duvessa    

    I actually have this one and I love it to death! It is great on upholstery as well as the occasional pet mess for me as well. The main reason I use it is to clean my car though, it is great for that and more compact than taking out the big clunky one I have. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has pets and likes to clean the upholstery themselves.

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  • LetMeTellYou By  LetMeTellYou    

    I have the full size carpet cleaner but love the Little Green Clean Machine for all of life's little spills. This is a must have for people with pets. It is so much easier to pull this out than the full sized machine. It does get a little heavy if it is full. I've used this on m y stairs and in the car. Its smaller size make it easy to move about and you don't have to hold it up in the middle of the stair case! Would be interested to know if anyone has the spot bot version and what they think of it.

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