Birth Control Pills For Men In the Not Too Distant Future?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 17, 2013

Since its inception more than 50 years ago, oral contraception has always been a topic for women, but researchers are now saying they have gotten closer to offering a male pill that could be just as effective. The new formula scientists are working on for the male pill is thought to be safer and less likely to cause any permanent infertility.

UPI reports about the study’s findings published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science which suggests the male pill could be available some time within the next ten years.

Though scientists have attempted to create male oral contraception in the past, they have not yet been able to figure out how to do it safely and without long lasting effects. Co-lead researcher Dr. Sab Ventura explains how this new formula differs from what has been attempted in the past and may prove to be more successful. He says, “Previous strategies have focused on hormonal targets or mechanisms that produce dysfunctional sperm incapable of fertilization, but they often interfere with male sexual activity and cause long term irreversible effects on fertility.” He explains how this new pill could work, “We've shown that simultaneously disrupting the two proteins that control the transport of sperm during ejaculation causes complete male infertility, but without affecting the long-term viability of sperm or the sexual or general health of males. The sperm is effectively there but the muscle is just not receiving the chemical message to move it.”

Though scientists still have a ways to go perfecting the male oral contraceptive pill, the new study suggests it won’t be too much longer until this type of birth control will be a viable option.

What do you think of the current research suggesting the male pill may be available for use within 10 years?


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