Birds Eye Voila! Meals

Birds Eye Voila! Meals

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These are actually really good, especially for the price. And its easy to add things to make them even better.

Now I love these meals, the Garlic Chicken is just amazing, especially with cholula. :) I decided to buy the Chicken Florentine today and was less than impressed. It was Awful! Usually I am not such a harsh critic of foods, if I don't like something initially I will try and add something like sour cream, hot sauce, things along those lines, but this could not be helped. I don't like wasting food so I will power through things even if they are not my favorite, but this one is just so surprisingly not edible.

These are wonderful and quick! My family loves them!

Can be a bit pricey but with the right coupon and sale it's a freezer must! Very delicious and easy/quick to make!

The meals is tasty and easy to prepare but not enough for a whole meal for 2 need to add a salad or a side dish to make it a meal

No flavor.. Usually just steamed veggies without very little flavoring..

We liked this one...had a good flavor but not over powering.

I love garlic shrimp voila. I have tried others that I was not crazy over. I prefer this one

My husband and I love these meals. They are low in Weight Watchers points (at least the garlic shrimp and garlic chicken are), which is a big plus. All you need is the meal and a tiny bit of water, and dinner is ready in about 15 minutes. We always keep at least two of these on hand for busy nights.

I have to say, these are my least favourite of the freezer meals. They taste cheap and like they are likely to give me heartburn or indigestion. If I absolutely need to eat them, I will, but otherwise I'd rather just make my own, or spend the money on a slightly more expensive freezer meal. At least they're easy to make.

It's ok. I can make my own cheaper and taste better.

I had a coupon for this and I decided to try it. At first it didn't look like it was going to be good so I decided to try it and I actually like. My husband really like and he wants me to buy and make more

These are great for a quick meal when you just don't feel like cooking a feast. Tasty, too!

My kids love these and only way to get them to eat their veggies.