Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals for Two Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals for Two Sweet and Spicy Chicken

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This is a perfect meal for two. Very easy to fix after a long hard day. Good comfort food.

This is a good light meal for two! So easy to prepare when your in a hurry!

not a big portion

It's just my husband and me at home so this is a perfect meal for 2! It's yummy and healthy!

You must try Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals for Two Sweet and Spicy Chicken. It's so good. I often take this to work and eat it for lunch, I make it for two days. It's so good. My family loves it, it's so easy to prepare and makes dinner a breeze. Must try!

I like that it's a quick and easy meal and it has great flavor! And it's pretty nutritional for frozen food!

I loved this product-tried it from a friend. Loved it.

not enough southwestern was horrible

For a quick meal if you need to I find the Chicken garlic one pretty good. I actually have found it great for one person to make and then have leftovers. Also caution that you don't pick the bag up the wrong way I picked it up the wrong way once and spilled like half the sauce on the counter.

I bought a few of these because I had coupons for $2 off from the paper, which made them about $3.50 each. I thought that that wasn't a bad price for a meal for 2 so I figured we'd give it a try. My fiance will eat anything, so I thought even if I hated it, he'd eat it for sure. The 2 we've tried are Asian Style Chicken Vegetable Medley and Shrimp Alfredo. I want to start off saying that I think that both of them were good. It didn't seem like that much food though, not for $3.50 and especially not at full price. They only had a few bites of meat in them each. The shrimp meal literally had 8 shrimp in it. I'm pretty sure that I could have made the same meal for about the same about of money and had more of it. If you're in a hurry, they're not bad but I can't see us buying these again, unless we get a really good deal.

We loved the veggies from these baggies! The meals on the other hand we're that great. I recall them being watery.

its convinitent to make. very easy side dish. doesnt taste like fresh veggies, but whe you add some spices its not bad at all

It wasn't horrible but that isn't to say it is great either. The sauce was salty, tasted very prepackaged and it just wasn't special. As for the price, unless you get a great deal it is usually just cheaper to make it at home. Another thing, I expected it to be a healthier product coming from Bird's Eye.

I tried this last week, didn't care much for it. Kind of pricey and not really enough for two people.

Not only did this food smell bad, it looked and tasted bad as well. Imagine a soupy combination of raisins, olives, tomato chunks and chicken just lopped on top of each other. I ate one bite and was done. Besides, who thinks of OLIVES or RAISINS in Sweet and Sour Chicken? My husband waded through a little more, and even though the man can eat practically anything and not complain, he couldn't even finish the plate. His exact comment was, "Even if it's on sale, don't ever buy that again." It was HORRIBLE.