Birchbox Monthly Subscription Service

Birchbox Monthly Subscription Service

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I kept my subscription for about 3 months. They do send a lot of high end products, but they're such small samples (smaller than a standard sample size) that I couldn't really see it being worth it anymore. I also just wasn't loving the items they were sending me. I definitely prefer Ipsy.

I was so excited to try Birchbox and for a while, I loved it. However, as time went on the products made me lose interest. I was not getting any products I was interested in. On my preferences on my beauty profile, I listed items I was or was not interested in getting but nothing changed. This box is definitely more about hair and skincare and makeup. That is fine for someone who wants those things! I just personally wanted to see more makeup products and less hair serums and lotions. Sometimes they even put in chocolate or protein bar type foods. I love my Ipsy WAY more.

One of my favorite subscription boxes but they do tend to send the same type of item over and many mascara so do I need in a 6 month period??

I love this service! For $10 a month, I get access to products I never would have tried because of the expense of buying the full size product. And I have found some great products that I have incorporated into my routine. It's changed my skin and how I think about health and beauty. You can review the products on their site and earn points. For every 100 points, that's ten dollars off an order. Couple that with their ongoing sales and discounts and you get some great deals!

I was pretty excited when i ordered this some time ago , but when i opened the box i was quite dissapointed. It was nothing that interested me , i clearly answered the questions they asked and they gave me the opposite of my askings. Nice wrapping though!

I am always nicely surprised by my Birchbox each month. I love getting to try new products or products that I wouldn't normally try. Each month Birchbox provides a great selections and all for only $10.

I read some of the reviews, but I disagree. I absolutely love Birchbox. Maybe it has changed since they have subscribed. I have subscribed for several months now and am very impressed. Almost every month, I get an email with a sample choice for one of the products in my box or a detailed devotion of a specially crafted box-which I usually choose because it is always awesome. Almost ask the products that I have gotten felt like they were tailored to me. They also have excellent customer service. I have contacted them several times and have always had right back and they always solve my problem. I love Birchbox and would recommend it to anyone who likes to discover great beauty, skin and hair care products.

I Love love love Birchbox!!! For only $10 per month I get to try new products that I otherwise may never even heard of- you also earn points with every purchase which equals money off future purchases- it's awesome!!

It was fun to get this box but I was pretty underwhelmed by the products inside. I could only use one or two things from it which was discouraging. This wouldn't be my first choice if you're looking for a subscription beauty box.

I used Birchbox for about a year. The first few months weren't too bad but it could have been because I was excited. But then I started to notice I kept getting perfume samples (not a heavy perfume person) So I adjusted my profile as they suggested and still kept getting them. I also kept getting anti aging products. At 27, I know I should be thinking about but do I need to see it in every box? Every box has small trials that make it very hard to tell if I would even like the product after using a dime size amount. In the end, not worth the $10 every month.

Loved this! Had a subscription for over a year. Sometimes the boxes were hit or miss with one or two good things in each box. Overall tho, I miss seeing this in my mailbox. Best part was to review the products I got for points and with those points you could get products from their store!

While it is fun to get a box of products to try out each month, I do not think birchbox is worth the $10. The samples they give are so tiny they are usually single use and are foil packets. They mostly give out a lot of skincare andhair products with the occasional makeup product. If you are looking for a monthly suscription service I would reccomend Ipsy because it is $10 and you get more full sized products! Ipsy also gives out more makeup and you get a new cosmetic bag each month! It is really fun and I greatly enjoy it.

I've been subscribing to Birchbox for 6 months now. Ultimately, I would recommend it to a friend because it is fun to get the boxes each month and for only $10 per month I feel like it's worthwhile if only for the excitement of opening the surprise. I gave this subscription only 3 out of 5 stars because I have yet to be really knocked out by any of the products that they've sent me. A few seemed to totally contradict the profile I filled out when joining. For example a couple months ago I received a Curl Keeper product. I don't have curly hair. I went back and looked over my profile to make sure that I had answered a question about the type of hair I have and I had. Last month I received a Pixie lip color stick that I was really excited to try because I see the brand all the time. Unfortunately when I opened it, it was the most awful shade of pink. I can't imagine who this color would look good on. It certainly did not look good on me. I did find a shampoo and conditioner that I liked well enough but when I went to the Birchbox site to check out a full size bottle of each, the bottles were pretty expensive and the size wasn't all the large. I ended up ordering a 32oz bottle of each on Amazon for less than just one much smaller bottle on Birchbox. So my advice would be that if you subscribe for the samples, shop around before making a purchase.

I have joined this two months ago. I am so happy that I have. I look forward to my surprise box each month. The month of May was a great box for me it felt like Christmas!! Lots of fun to receive and would recommend it to anyone it is age appropriate for all. At first I thought I was too old for it but not at all.

I joined Birchbox 5 month ago. I have been happy with the products so far - many of them are from smaller brands/boutique brands that I would never hear about if I didn't have BB. The sizes of samples are fair, sometimes they throw in a full-size bonus which is nice. I like the feedback system where you earn points towards a discount just for telling them what you liked/disliked a product that they sent you. I wish the boxes were the same across the board, but some states/users receive better or worse products that another area. I do like that they tailor the skin toned products to your actual skin color - makes it feel a little more personal. For $10 a month, it is a great surprise of products and I do find myself anticipating the middle of the month shipment.