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  • JuiceBox By  JuiceBox    

    Not only for Hair

    Biosilk smells amazing, and does feel amazingly silky smooth in hair. One thing I did learn after a couple years of using it in my hair is that it contains alcohol which will dry you hair out. Biosilk is also a skin therapy and it will dry out your skin as well since it has alcohol in it, so if you have chaffed skin anywhere it helps to heal that skin fast.

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  • Cassie85 By  Cassie85    

    Nice locks!!

    This stuff makes my hair feel silky-smooth! Bye bye frizz!!

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  • Proctorj0919 By  Proctorj0919    

    Will buy again

    Works perfectly to help hair from breakage and moisturizer for hair. Not okly n stocku

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  • AtlasMoonkitty By  AtlasMoonkitty    

    Awesome For Curly Hair

    I have very curly hair that suffers from heat damage quite often. This product has saved my hair! A little bit goes a long way! Perfect to apply before straightening for sleek looks or to apply to wet hair to manage frizz in curly looks.

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  • Mickay03 By  Mickay03    


    I use this everyday after flat ironing my hair. This leave your hair soft and silky

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  • AcrosstheAvenue By  AcrosstheAvenue    

    A little greasy at times.

    I use this from time to time, but I find that it can sometimes make my hair look greasy rather than silky and shiny. If I'm having a really frizzy day, it's helpful. I prefer leave-in creams to this. The smell is nice though!

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    Love how it makes my hair soft, shiny and frizz free!

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  • 1bets1 By  1bets1    

    Look no further

    I would give this 10 stars. It is THE answer for my problem/dry hair. My hair looks young again!

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    

    Don't Need a Lot!

    Bought a very small bottle, and I have a ton of hair, but I still haven't run out! I use this on my ends while blowdrying to make sure my hair doesn't get fried. Smells great, gives great shine without greasiness. Big fan.

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  • Introvert20 By  Introvert20    


    I own this product and had it on my dresser for a long while now. Maybe it's just me maybe I'm just not using it right or something but it didn't really do much for me. It did however make my hair really shiny and I had a little less frizz but in my opinion it's a little too greasy or oily feeling, it didn't make my hair soft and I didn't like the feeling after it dried on my hair. It did work on my sister's hair though it made blow drying her hair a breeze which usually takes 2 hours because it's so thick and coarse. So its different results on different hair.

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  • shannonaaawoods By  shannonaaawoods    

    works like a charm and smells great

    my mom had bought this for me because i had really bad split ends and this hair oil helped so much i would put it in before school and before i went to bed and after i washed my hair and my hair wasnt so badit helps with frizzy hair as well

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  • Kayla2016 By  Kayla2016    

    The best

    I have tried a lot of different hair serums but biosilk is the best and there is no comparison.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Does it needs to

    I like this as much as the chi I normally use. Gets rid of frizz. Lightweight doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy and is on the cheaper side.

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  • purplelady1 By  purplelady1    

    I've used this product for some time. It is great with keeping the frizzy hair under control.

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  • graysongirl By  graysongirl    

    I have the lite bottle, and I must say the best serum I've used yet. I'm not into serum that much, because of how greasy it is, but when I flat iron my hair using this product it doesn't frizz, and my hair is movable (meaning it has body, when I shake my head).

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