Biore  Pore Perfect Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

Biore Pore Perfect Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

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It feels really weird at first but the cooling feeling is nice on the skin. It works really well!

I tried this cleanser, and was really disappointed. I didn't see any improvement in any of the types of acne on my face (blackheads or zits.) And I don't understand what the "ice" aspect has to do with anything, but this is just another half used cleanser that is sitting in my shower, good for nothing. =/

Really love this product not only has it made my skin feel soft and fresh but as I have gotten older I find that my pores have gotten larger, this product has helped to reduce them to where I feel my skin is lovely

This is one of the only face washes I will ever use. I have tried other brands (even the expensive Proactiv) and none of them compared to Biore.

I've seen this product, and i would really like to try it, i hope that this product will work on me.

This product is amazing. I like to feel the fresh cleaning. removes very well the foundation. I love it

Very good, I love gel cleansers. I love the Biore brand. This product feels great and doesn't dry out my skin like some products do. I have acne/oily skin and it seems to keep it at bay for a while but then I need to rotate to another cleanser and then back to this one.

This is my absolute favorite product. It smells great, is super refreshing especially in the morning, and really cleans the skin. I don't have breakouts and skin seems to be smoother and clearer (smaller pores too!) I recommend this to everyone looking for a good face wash. It works great to remove make-up too :)

WORKS GREAT!!!!!!! I use the ice cleanser at night before bed. And I use the steam active in the shower in the morning. I have been fighting acne for 3 years since my last partial hysterectomy and this is the only thing I have found that works. And the price is awesome. You can find it for $5 a bottle most of the time and the bottles last.

I absolutely love this stuff! I was starting to breakout on my forehead and my face just felt all around oily. So I decided to try this to see if it would help any. After using it for a couple days I saw a huge improvement. My breakouts were fading and my skin just was not oily and my skin overall just felt and looked better.

I got a free sample! This is a great face cleanser! I've tried multiple face washes in the past, and this is great compared to others. It is thick enough that it will lather good in on your hands or on your face. It leaves a cool, refreshing, clean feeling.

ONe of my preferred face washes that I use

This is a great product for the summer- it cleans your pores, gets rid of all the sweat and makeup build-up, and feels nice and cold!

I have oily, acne prone skin so I've spent a long time searching for good cleansers. This one is great! Controls the oil throughout the day. It really cleans your skin and leaves it with a fresh, tingling feeling. However, I would say that it can be quite drying, especially in the winter, so I only use it at night and apply a very moisturizing lotion. This cleanser lathers well and has a pleasant smell. You get a lot of product for the price so I definitely think it's worth trying.

I have just recently finished the cleanser, which lasted forvever, and tired another face wash. I took Biore for granted, it was the best face wash ever! It cleaned so well, never overdrying, great for my sensitive/oily skin. 5 stars