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  • mwritesabout By  mwritesabout    

    This stuff is not at all sensitive skin safe. It will eat your skin alive, cause more breakouts, and generally doesn't work for anything at all.

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  • kimleventhal By  kimleventhal    

    This cleanser is light and smells good. The only thing I do not like about it is it dries some of my skin if I leave it on to long. I have less breakouts using it so it makes up for the dry skin. It is also quite affordable compared to many of the brands that claim to work better than all the rest.

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  • vathens6 By  vathens6    

    Tried it and it seemed to help with my breakouts, currently testing a few other products, but if they do not work out will definitely return to.

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  • Pkinter13 By  Pkinter13    

    I just tried this cleanser for the first time this week. It did a good job for my breakouts, however I didn't do much for my dry skin, although I must say it didn't harm it either. This would be good with a lot of moisturizer for those dry areas. Overall, fairly impressed.

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  • iheartb By  iheartb    

    This is perfect for combination skin prone to breakouts. It cleanses but does not dry your face out!

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