Biore 4-in-1 Self Foaming Cleanser

Biore 4-in-1 Self Foaming Cleanser

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This is a good eye makeup remover, and since it's an eye makeup remover lotion it's really good for my dry skin. For myself to use, I like to get a warm/hot wet washcloth and get my face wet first and then spread the product around over my whole face and wash my face this way making sure to get around my eyes where I have usually been wearing full eyeshadow/eyeliner on top and bottom of my eyes. A great thing about this product from Avon is that it has never irritated my eyes-it's always been gentle and never burns or stings. With that said it does a decent job, but it usually can't get every last trace of my eye makeup off. I do go over it with a q-tip after I am done washing just to get some of the remaining makeup traces that are left behind. I like this eye makeup remover lotion, it's just not my number 1 choice anymore but it is still my second choice and I do still use this product a lot!

Extremely gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft.

After reading reviews on shespeaks I purchased this item. I love the smell, am amazed at how clean my face feels, and love how gentle it is. The product says it has skin conditioning sugar beet, detoxifying green tea leaf, and purifying eucalyptus. My face does not feel dry, instead it feel recharged!

For a long while I used Aveeno products on my face simply because I was told by everyone how great they were since they are all natural and wouldn't hurt my skin by overdrying etc. Over time, I found my skin breaking out and at first I thought it was because after having my second child I really stepped it up in the workout category. I simply overlooked that it could be my facial cleanser. Then, I had enough and decided to try something else. The first cleanser I used was one from Nuetrogena and I did not like how it made my skin feel so super oily after I washed my face! Then I tried this Biore 4 in 1 facial cleanser and have been using it every since. I love that it is a foam and feels nice and light on my skin. My sking also stays nice and soft yet I get that daily "recharged" feeling. Since it is oil free, I don't get that oily feeling after I wash my face. I don't get breakouts like I used and and simply love it and would recommend it to everyone looking to try something different!