Bioinfusion Professional Smoothing Shampoo

Bioinfusion Professional Smoothing Shampoo

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Great shampoo and very fresh scent

worked really well.

I love Biofusion products. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a few months now and love the way my hair looks and feels. I like the soft feeling, how clean my hair feels and the shine.

i have been using this shampoo it is great ,i have blond dry hair while my douther have dark oily hair-this shampoo works for both of us:)great product

I have used other bio shampoos but i am willing to try this one!!!

I have curly hair that needs moisture and my hair has gone through intensive chemical hair straightening. So i am absolutely ready ad willing to try this product.

Absolutely love this product!!! All phases of it!

My mother uses this and one weekend when I stayed at her house, I used it while I was there. Just twice I used it on my hair and I could tell the difference. My hair is very thick and it gets oily very easily. But, with Bio my hair did excellent, and mind you I live in TN and I used this product in the middle of July! My hair never felt weighed down, didn't get greasy, frizz was definitely gone the whole day, and it made my hair smell wonderful all day long!

Greatt Product !!!

When I saw this product, I smiled... =) because I am using both the shampoo and conditioner (Bioinfusion Professional) these past couple weeks! I wonder do they make this brand in a soulfate free product too, that would be even BETTER! In DE they sell this at BJ's (in economy size), Rite Aid, Walgreens, and I believe I have purchased this brand at wal-mart too!

this is the best shampoo ive ever bought. i have thick black hair and after i use this my hair is so smooth. the bottle is so big it lasts me a long time. ive only found this at walgreens.