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  • MarcieinMommyland By  MarcieinMommyland    

    Loved this movie!

    It has Bill Murray. It will make you cry. Perfect movie to watch after the kids go to bed.

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  • sPuchany By  sPuchany    

    Another great Bill Murray movie

    One of the best movies I've seen in recent years. I am a HUGE Bill Murray fan. I saw this with my family and it truly has something for everyone. The acting is fabulous, with a fantastic cast. Do yourself a favor and rent this movie, you wouldn't regret it.

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  • Kariped By  Kariped    

    Must see

    Definitely a tear jerker! Love Bill Murray and Melissa Mccarthy in this movie! It is a must see!

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  • twlight00 By  twlight00    

    Very touching story.

    I love Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. This movie touched my heart and I cried a few times. Very touching story, I wish they would make a sequel.

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  • lololovesfilms By  lololovesfilms    

    "St. Vincent" movie review

    Some people might think this movie is way too cheesy to be good or realistic, and while it's pretty sappy, we loved it and we're not ashamed to say it! Bill Murray is a rare gem, a god amongst men even, and I want him to come to my funeral when I die. In my mind, we are best friends. He is fantastic in this movie as title character Vincent, a cliche old man and crabby drunk who has had a seasoned life and just wants to drink, gamble, and be left alone. Any problems the movie has are completely dissipated with Murray at the helm.Jaeden Lieberher, in his feature film debut, is absolutely adorable and though he looks like a wimpy kid on the outside, he has a lot of heart and an old soul on the inside. Lieberher and Murray have an undeniable chemistry together in this story about unlikely friends with a little bit of a grandfather and grandson feel and dynamic. Even Melissa McCarthy impressed us in this movie. It was nice to see her playing a "straight-woman" character compared to her usually brash, over-the-top roles. It doesn't have to be or even feel 100% realistic to show an authentic relationship, which we feel like this film does. It also moved through a cycle of emotions from WTF to happy to angry to sad to OH, THE FEELS! all in the span of 102 minutes, and we enjoyed this roller coaster every step of the way. It's hard not to always be impressed by the ever cool Murray.

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  • laurapetty By  laurapetty    

    Excellent movie. We watched this as a family and the kids as well as my parents really liked this movie.

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  • ShaelaNeal By  ShaelaNeal    

    Very emotional movie. There were times where you were laughing and times that it was incredibly moving. Bill Murray was great in this dramatic role

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  • Dval22 By  Dval22    

    I loved this movie! Excellent very well-acted and directed..

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  • Pamela627 By  Pamela627    

    This movie is very good. but it deferentially is for a certain audience. It is stranger but very well made.

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  • Atalanta By  Atalanta    

    I loved this movie! Touching, funny, and very well-acted and directed.

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  • drown22 By  drown22    

    I love Bill Murray and I absolutely loved this movie... In the beginning you don't love his character to much but then he grows on you.

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  • J_Bird By  J_Bird    

    This moving was amazing! It had the perfect balance of comedy and tradegy. very moving MUST SEE! And who doesn't love Mellisa McCarthy!

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  • kwright By  kwright    

    excellent movie! I really enjoyed watching this movie. it was a mixture between comedy and tragedy. Definitely would recommend it to a few friends!

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  • bethhutchens1 By  bethhutchens1    

    I rented this at a Redbox last week. Fantastic movie. I will rent it again.

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  • cheryllo By  cheryllo    

    Excellent movie !! Not your typical Bill Murray comedy ! It had it's funny parts but it's a very moving story. At times it's a bit of a tearjerker. I'm so glad I watched this movie. Melissa McCarthy and the rest of the cast were also great. Perfect casting.

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