Big Earrings Are On Trend, But What Are They Doing To Your Poor Little Earlobes?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 04, 2019

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If you feel naked without your big lovely dangly earrings, then you may want to listen to an expert’s warning about the habit of constantly wearing heavy jewelry on your delicate little ears. Though the trend for earrings right now seems to be the bigger the better, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Aisha Baron has some tips and warnings that accessory-lovers may want to take to heart.

ABC News reports about the dangly earring trend that can do some real damage to your ears that can cause pain, tension, pulling and in some cases even earlobe splitting. And though hoops are way in this year, Dr. Baron has some advice about how to prevent earlobe damage while remaining fashion forward.

Wearing heavy earrings every single day for long periods of time will definitely wreak havoc on your ears. Rather than wearing this type of earring each day, alternating between lighter earrings and big statement earrings can do a lot to save you from the damage.

Dr. Baron explains some warning signs that you should look out for before choosing your next set of hoops. She says, “If you notice that your earring hole is starting to elongate and become more of a slit rather than a hole, then it is being stretched.” Dr. Baron adds, “Also, tension, pain or discomfort with wearing a particular pair of earrings can be a sign that stress is being applied to your earlobe.”

If you’re reading this and realize it is already too late for your painfully stretched and elongated earlobes, there may be an option to save those lobes. Dr. Baron explains that a little bit of filler injected in the bottom of the lobe can make it less stretched and save the lobe from splitting. But if your lobe is already split, there is a popular reconstrcutive procedure that can put it back together, but sadly you will also lose your earring holes in the process.

What do you think of the big earring trend?

Do you notice any damage to your earlobes after wearing a set of hoops all day?

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minmin by minmin | Saint James, LA
Jan 23, 2020

I look silly with big earrrings/hoops, I have to wear studs.


SkyeSaRae by SkyeSaRae | GRAYSON, LA
Dec 08, 2019

I love wearing my hoops i feel naked without them! Lol

peter26 by peter26 | Passaic, NJ
Nov 07, 2019

I have long hair, so I never wear large earrings. I think they tangle in my hair and then pull my hair and my ears.

Nblackburn by Nblackburn | SEVEN SPRINGS, NC
Nov 06, 2019

It's cute but it's not for me. Big earrings feel heavy on my ears and they them hurt and ache.