Big Cities Mean Big Money For Women

   By drodriguez  Sep 14, 2008

According to a recent article in the New York Times, young women living in large metropolitan cities like Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles are now earning more money than men. These findings come from census data analyzed and published by the Citizens Union Foundation (CUF).

The CUF reported that women of ranging educational backgrounds ages 21 to 30 who live and work full time in New York City make 117 percent of men’s wages. Dallas, Texas reported an even greater wage gap of women making 120 percent of what men make.

This is a big change from the figures we heard just twenty years ago. However, nationwide the numbers are very different; overall, women in this age group tend to make 11 percent less than the average full time working man.

So why are the figures so different in metropolitan areas? Experts say it could be because more women are now graduating from college than men. Also, college educated women are more likely to gravitate toward larger cities.

A Queens College sociologist, Andrew Hacker tried to explain why women living in large cities are enjoying more wages than women in suburbia. He said, “Citified college-women are more likely to be non-married and childless, compared with their suburban sisters, so they can and do devote themselves to their careers.”

What do you think of the latest reports of young women in large cities earning more than men?

Do you think this is a growing trend that may eventually reach all parts of the U.S.?

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momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Oct 03, 2009

Great job to all the hard working women.

erica_cal by erica_cal | Scotts Valley, CA
Nov 22, 2008

Great news for all the hard working women out there! Now I just hope we continue the wage increases to pay off our student loans!!!

greenberry by greenberry | montpelier, VA
Oct 10, 2007

I'm with Sharman, we do live in a society that doesn't know how to relax. And I think that at least part of the solution to that is "just say no" - or at least set some sane boundaries around some of the zillions of things that are available to us to know, to see, to do, to want, etc. Cut back on cell phone and computer time for example. Explore why you're shopping again if you don't really need anything. For a few dollars an hour, you could even hire someone to take care of some of your e-mails or clean the bathroom. Another part of the problem that I see especially with younger folks - and maybe the reason some could not afford to hire even a little bit of help - is that their credit card debt is simply staggering. In not so distant past generations, people saved for what they wanted or needed, and using credit was almost a sin. Today's young people put everything they want on credit cards and don't even blink. I would love for someone to comment on this, as I am really struggling with trying to understand this phenomena in just about all of my younger friends. What I'm seeing in them is that they are in a debtor's prison and will not get out in this lifetime, and they really don't quite know what happened.

doiknwya by doiknwya | Rigby, ID
Sep 25, 2007

I think people in big cities have more of an open mind about things. Smaller areas still tend to have very close minds about some issues especially woman. I have found that out from living in different places in California then moving to small towns in Washington. People just need to give everyone a fair chance and not judge someone because they might be female.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Sep 22, 2007

I think young, single women moving to larger cities have a lot to do with it. Also,unfortunately, women have become workaholics, myself included. I'm glad women have made the leap, earning as much or more than men, but now I think we all, as a nation, better learn to relax! It's killing us.

seedpod94 by seedpod94 | Advance, NC
Sep 21, 2007

I believe this is a growing trend that will be evident in smaller cities across the US. Women have put forth much effort for several years to be recogonized as high achievers and at least equal or better performance than men on many levels. Many working females, including myself, are more dedicated, diligent workers than our male counterparts. It feels wonderful to finally be rewarded for our hard work!