Betty Crocker's Original Picture Cookbook

Betty Crocker's Original Picture Cookbook

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My daughter loves this book, she uses it to get ideas to make her own new recipes. Lets face it, is there a bad cookbook in existence especially from Betty Crocker?

I bougth this for my 21 year old daughter who thinks she is clueless when it comes to the kitchen. Although she could use a little help, this book is a great one to have on hand for any beginner.Lots of down to earth recipes and step by step instructions. I am sure this is one thaat will be used for years.

You can never go wrong with a cookbook for the perfect gift, and Betty Crocker is the best. The step by step instructions make it possible for anyone to become their own star chef.

I love all things Betty Crocker, and have all of her cook books. My 1st one was given to me by my mom 32 or so years ago, and it has food stains and worn pages that show just how much I love it, and have used it. All of her books well soon look the same.

I love the old fashioned recipes and the easy to use recipes. Reminds me when my grandma, mom and I would cook together

Every mother/wife needs it. I knew how to cook a little, but this cook book became so efficient for me. It's definitely a must have in the kitchen.

This cookbook is fabulous! It a must-have cookbook because it gives you all of the tips you need to know. This was the first cookbook I had ever received, after I graduated from college. This book taught me all of the basics and has great recipes too! Love, love, love it!

I have been using this for many yrs, I did not really know how to cook, I relied on my cookbook to help me learn along the way of life, I tried different things and of couse tweeked some recipies to my likeing. Now my daughter go to my book. You can always use a variation when using the recipies. A girl has got to start somewhere. :)

I received my first Betty Crocker cook book as a wedding gift. It has helped me fix many wonderful dishes and desserts over the years. One of my sons favorite recipes is Banana Bread, I seem to make a loaf every month.

I received this cookbook as a house warming gift. I feel that it is a must have for anyone that cooks. This book gives you the basic skills needed to get started cooking along with classic recipes that everyone loves. The price of the book is fair and well worth it.

Several years before I got married (around 7 actually!) I started a hope chest. Way back when we all did. I knew one thing HAD to be in there and that was my own copy of the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. I grew up with that cookbook. I learned to cook with that cookbook. My Mom not only had her copy, but she had her Mother's copy as well and we referred to both of them. Many of the pages in both were well used and had little stains and spots from repeated use. I learned the cookbooks so well I could almost tell you the page numbers of favorite recipes. So when I started filling my hope chest it was one of the first things I wanted. That Christmas my Mom gave me my own copy. It has become a very cherished thing for me and my family. I know it is full of trusted, tried and true recipes. If I had to give up all my cookbooks but one this would be the one I would keep. I love it!! And now i have my Mom's and my Grandmother's books as well. All three sit prominently on a shelf for everyone to see!

I have had the Betty Crocker Cookbook for years and I have my mothers. One year I gave our five kids one even though they were not yet married but on their own. Maybe one for my grandaughter who now has two children. The basics are in the Betty Crocker Cookbook and the ideas will never age.

This is my favorite cookbook. I enjoy cooking and baking expecially when I need relaxing. This cookbook takes you through all of the steps of how to prepair the meal, no short cuts just the way it was origionally done. I plan on handing it down when my daughter gets older.

My mother and I used to cook and bake from this cookbook when I was little, and I feel an attachment to it in that way. As I learned to cook, helping my mother make meals and baked items, this cookbook was a staple in the kitchen, and I always wanted to have my very own copy to wear out, with taped pages and maybe a little evidence that it was next to me as I added ingredient after ingredient to whatever I was making. I've had mine for about 13 years, now, and it's getting there! Also, it's my go-to cookbook when I just can't find the right recipe for something after searching online or trying to remember, "What is that cookie called?" that I loved so much. I think every kitchen should have a copy.

Betty Crocker is the cookbook that we go to in our family. Whenever someone says, "This is great! Can I get the recipe?" We point that person to Betty Crocker. Not only are the recipes easy to understand, but the pictures are helpful. Every time someone gets married or moves out on her own, I make sure to get her her very own copy. It is a staple, a necessity. Everyone should have a copy in her kitchen.