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  • kristinabest By  kristinabest    

    I love this cookbook. If you looked in my copy you would see there is pages that have been used so much that they have food on them and pages have come out. When ever I am looking for a recipe I open this book... It's my favorite.

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  • gingerbrit By  gingerbrit    

    I have a 3 shelf bookcase full of various cookbooks that I will pull out from time to time. But I have to say that of all the cookbooks I own, I always go back to my Betty Crocker's New Cookbook. I love the recipes and the pictures. I like to use the recipes as kind of a base for what I cook and if you open this cookbook at my house, you would find penciled in notes of what I have tweaked in the recipes and what worked and did not. It is by far my favorite cookbook.

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