Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic Instant Potatoes

Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic Instant Potatoes

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A perfect topper for Shepherd's pie using leftover meatloaf crumbled up with just the right savory flavor. They're a go-to staple for punching up leftovers and any meal, for that matter. A real time saver, too.

Great for a quick side. Good flavors!

This i s a great product and it goes with all my vegetarian dishes.My whole family loves this.I liked the taste and texture of it.It is wonderful product when you have short of time.It is ready so no worries.

I really like these potatoes. They have a nice taste, not too garlicky, but a subtle garlic taste. i use them quite a bit with my dinners.

These have become a staple in our home and what I turn to when I need a side. They are wonderful and cook up so nicely!!

Easy and so tasty. Perfect to add to a crockpot roast after a hard day at work! I love the taste and you can always add cheese or other goodies to add extra goodness. So good we eat without gravy! That is unusual in my house as mashed potatoes mean gravy.

didnt get in the program but I love these, they taste great and are so easy to make and price good..:)

My whole family loves these potatoes. They have a wonderful taste and are so easy to make. I use them all the time.

My whole family loves them..they taste great!!!

I love these instant potatoes! And my family doesn't complain because they are from a box! Perfect!

This is the tastiest of all Betty Crocker flavored mashed potatoes. I prefer home made, but this is a great go to when time is limited.

Very tasty, my daughter actually prefers these to homemade!

prety good flavor..

I keep these potatoes on hand for something quick. They are easy to prepare and taste pretty good. Actually, they are the only potato my son will eat. I have tried off brand of these and it is better to stay with brand.

I don't usually use boxed potatoes but these are actually very good! Thick and full of potato flavor, with a hint of garlic. Not overwhelming garlic but enough to enjoy.