Betty Crocker Cookbook

Betty Crocker Cookbook

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This cookbook is great! It is a must have cookbook because it gives you all of the basic cooking knowledge you'd ever need and has every recipe under the sun. There are also alternative cooking methods listed for a healthier option. I just love it and can't get enough of this cookbook!

When the economy went south my meal budget was cut substantially. I looked in my pantry and realized how many sepcialized ingredients I had sitting there only partailly used because they were called for in only one recipe. I realized that my Moms generation, and the one before hers, did not have access to nor did they spend money needlesly on fancy ingredients. I pulled out the Betty Crocker Cookbook I received as a wedding gift 30 years ago and not only found delciouse recipes,I found the simplisitic ingredients readily avaialble on my shelves. The book offers frugal , deliicious recipes that have become family favorites.

I love the simplicity of this cookbook. I never feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the ingredients. I also love the variations in ingredients and ways of cooking it. This cookbook has helped me get out of my head in the meals I normally prepare. You know...chicken three ways. :) I love this book!

This is just the best go to cookbook. It is easy to understand, the recipes are not too complicated, and the recipes come out great. I received my first one when I was just getting out on my own. I have updated it as new revisions have been released. I can make simple meals for my family or entertain guests, all from one book. My husband uses it as much as I do. When our daughters got out on thier own, we gifted them both with this book.