Betty Crocker Cookbook 1972 Edition

Betty Crocker Cookbook 1972 Edition

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A classic, it was my mother's favorite and how she learned how to make the perfect lemon meringue pie that my dad loved so much .

I love this book. I grew up with, my mom has it, and since I can remember I loved flipping thru its pages. And once I was old enough to cook I loved using this book for ideas, the only things I do I modernize the presentation, but the taste is great.....It has a lot of timeless recipes!

this is one of the cookbooks that i think every family should have. My grandmothers have a copy, my mom has a copy and my aunt has a copy. I barely ever see a home in the south that DOESN'T have a copy. I will definitely be getting one for myself.

Cookbooks come and go, and I have bought and given away more cookbooks than I can count. This one, however, will never leave my kitchen. I have had this version of the Betty Crocker Cookbook since before I got married in 1982. It is my "go-to" reference cookbook. The pictures are dated, but it is a good, basic cookbook that is informational and is a wonderful book for a new cook or a seasoned veteran.

I have my Grandmother's copy of this cookbook. I love how it has directions to do most everything. It has helped me many times in learning to cook.

I have bought many cookbooks over the last 30 years, but this has always been my favorite, not only for recipes but because it gives information on how long to cook different vegetables or meats without a recipe. They come out perfect everytime.

I have a newer version of this cookbook, and absolutely love it! It has some of the best soup and cold weather recipes that I've ever made. My mom has my grandmothers version, and I occasionally sneak over to peek at something that isn't in my newer book, but use my own version at least weekly.

I have had this cookbook and used it at least weekly for 35 years! There are recipes in here that were deleted from newer editions, and I would be lost without it. My daughter just copied some recipes from it this week because she remembered me making them and they weren't in her (newer) copy.

This is my mothers go-to cookbook. It has long since been missing it's cover and was placed in a binder many years ago. This is full of all the classics, along with mothers notations from over the years. I have a newer version of it, but always look forward to using mom's.