Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes

Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes

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Good for a side dish. I make these a lot, they go great with meatloaf! But, they often turn out a bit dry and bland - so I add an extra tbsp of real butter, and black pepper. Sometimes I will also add real bacon or chopped up ham.

Tasty A easy side dish with dinner. Also really good when you put ham cubes in and bake it.

Very simple side dish, easy to make and pretty delicious.

Simple and tastes good. I like them because they go with everything.

Although this box of dehydrated potatoes seems convenient, it is much easier, cost effective, and healthier to make your own potato from the real thing. Too many artificial ingredients for my family.

Grew up on these. Still a quick favorite. Of course I prefer fresh potatoes. The cheese ones are the best.

I haven't had these in ages! But loved them growing up. I always was surprised at how great tasting and not dry these were when made; especially because the instant potatoes my mom made always ended up a bit on the dry side. I think it's time for me to add them back into meal time!

Love this. Great side dish and my family loves it too.

Easy to make, yummy to eat, and the price is right. I remember when I was a child how I'd beg my mom to buy these potatoes.. Now I'm making them ;)

Great for evenings when prep time is limited.

Au Gratin Potatoes really are great tasting , easily prepared . I have cooked this so many times i can tell you how without looking at the directions on the box, My family an I truly enjoy eating this. Au Gratin Potatoes are available in most stores. and affordable ..

My family loves the taste of these Au Gratin Potatoes. They are great on the stove top or baked in the oven. This is my go to on busy weeknights!

Really good side dish. I just love all the flavors that they offer, and for the price is a win win

Very good for boxed potatoes. I always keep a box in the pantry as a quick side when I don't have time or want to make them from scratch.

I love Betty Crockers Au gratin potatoes. I have tried making these by scratch but these are so much better. Great as a side dish to almost any kind of meat or fish.