Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

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recipes My Mom grew up with this book, i grew up with this cook book now my children are growing up with this cook book. It is such a gem intodays world and society. Love all the great recipes and suggestions. Definately worth a try out. It has simple to advanced recipes for all stages in life.

Before my mother inlaw passed away she gave me her copy of home and gardens cook book. I found some great simple recipies I can make during the week being a busy mom I work 48 hours a week and It is a challange to come up with ideas of what's for dinner every night with some fresh new ideas.

Best Cookbook Ever! I grew up using this cookbook with my mom. Now I have one of my own. Best cookbook ever!

Tried and true cookbook I always remembered seeing this in my grandma's and even my mothers house. I always loved looking through it and seeing the pictures with all the recipes. Such a good cook book throughout the years.

My mom had one in the 1940s and even though I still have her old one, I got the newer edition. Can't go wrong with these tried and true recipes!

My families have been getting recipes from this book since I was a little girl. Loved every single one we tried. Definitely a book that makes memories

I think everyone could use this cookbook! I have a ton of cookbooks in my home, but every time I look for a recipe, I always find myself back at this cookbook! It has so many recipes and many are simple and easy to follow!

The most used cookbook in my kitchen. Everyone should have this one.

I want this cookbook so bad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas ;)

This is that basic cookbook that every kitchen needs!

I have this cookbook and love it! My mom has one from the 60's that she still uses! It has great starter/basic recipes that are a great way to start off your cooking knowledge. You will also use it as a reference once you've come a cooking novice. It's something I would recommend to any cook!

I love this cookbook! As a young wife who had never really cooked before my wedding day, this was a lifesaver. Helped my discover my love of food, and the art of the dinner party.

My mother had one, I hot one and I will likely get one for my daughter. Basics are essential!

I was a new cook when we bought this book it was our first one ever. It was a great cook book my husband and I still use it to make things and it's been awhile lol. I especially loved the meatloaf and cheese Cake. HAPPY COOKING!!!

I received this as a gift and love the recipes! Good variety. My favorite is still the peanut butter cookie recipe that my mom used when I was a kid. Also like that their is a measuring conversion chart.