Best Buy Geek Squad  Black Tie Service

Best Buy Geek Squad Black Tie Service

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I purchased a service contract for my iPod touch from Best Buy. Basically if I broke it they would fix or replace it free. In less then a year sweat got to the touch screen and it didn't work anymore. I took it back and they said they will have to send me a new one in 5-7 days. 6 days later I get a refurbished one and it does not work. It will not sync or transfer anything. I waited 45 minutes and restarted multiple times. I called the number and they said well that is just the way it is. I got fed up and hung up and called best buy. They said they could send me another one in 5-7 days. I said why should I wait so long when you sent me something that does not work. It took 1.5 hours 3 people to say they could get me a new one and null and void the warentee that remained (2 years) or I could take it to the store and wait 2 days for a new (refurb). They also kept switching their stories and I caught them in a lie. Next time I will not pay extra for the service plan.