Best Buy Employees Do Good Holiday Deed For Teen Customer

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 19, 2016

If you’re in the mood to hear a heartwarming holiday story, look no further. Employees at a Best Buy in Valley Stream, New York decided to pool their money and make the day of a frequent customer that spent a lot of his time playing video games on one of their Wii U display stations.

IB Times reports about the good deed employees did for the teen who would come to the store daily to play his favorite Wii U game, Super Smash Bros on the store’s display console. A video on YouTube posted by one of the store’s managers, Rahiem Storr, has since gone viral and shows an employee presenting the teen with the gift of a brand new Wi iU. Storr explains of the act, “The employees in this store saw an opportunity to make a child smile and did just that. They chipped in and purchased a Wii U for him with their own money.” An employee also drove the teen home so he wouldn’t have to lug the present home.




In the video an employee can be seen approaching the teen who is sitting at the store’s display console playing the video game. The employee says, “On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii U. This is something we did for you. Everyone here that you see, we all got together and chipped in so you could have it.” The teen is very quiet and appears to be in disbelief. The employee then attempts to assure him that he’s not joking and says, “No, for real, this is for you. I'm being serious. Consider it an early Christmas present.”




What do you think of this good holiday deed employees from Best Buy did for this teen?




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