Benefit  Highbeam

Benefit Highbeam

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I think this is a great highlighter especially for the price. There are better ones out there but you're definitely going to pay for them. I think Benifit did a great job with this one. I use my beauty blender to get the highlighter to set just right on my skin. I find the applicator to be the one flaw it has. The tent is a pearl color, (which is what I love in a highlighter). I've used it on a few different complexions and it's looked great on all of them.

Such a pretty pinky finish. I love this one for the winter months to add a pop of shimmer on my cheekbones

High beam gives you a nice highlight and shimmer if you want the settle cheekbone highlight look. It's a nice product but there are better out there like items from Two Face or Tarte.

Expensive, but worth it. A very beautiful natural looking highlight that lasts all day. It gives a gorgeous glow to the skin (especially the cheekbones). You do need to work with it a bit to get it too set nicely, but I just apply it with the given applicator and then pat it in with my beauty blender and it looks great. It's very bendable and buildable. A bit pricey but I highly recommend and I will repurchase.

This highlighter looks very natural on the skin. The color barely shows after application, but you do see an undertone when compared to the other tanner color. You only need a dot or two on the cheek bones. It blends very natural and gives your cheeks that natural glow instead of apparent glitter like a lot of other highlighter.

This is a great Highlighter.. I love how a little product goes a long way.. the light shimmer is nice and i love how the smell is not over whelming.. i absolutely recommend if youre looking for a good highlighter

One of my absolute favorite highlighters. Benefit Highbeam gives a beautiful, luminescent pearl sheen that stays on for hours. Best part? A little goes a long way and one bottle can last you over a year.

I love this stuff! It has to be one of the most beautiful highlighters I've ever come across. I like the fact that it's in liquid form because you can mix it with a more matte foundation to give a dewier finish. I personally use it on my cheek bones, on my cupid's bow, down the bridge of my nose and on the brow bones. I use my beauty blender to apply it, but you can probably use any makeup sponge or wedge or even a stipple brush like Elf's small stipple brush. It's gorgeous and looks so ethereal.

Perfect consistency. Not runny and goes on smooth.

I love a lot of the products in the Benefit line but this is a product I use almost daily. It's applicator looks similar to a nail polish wand, and the texture is liquid but not runny. As other people said a little goes a long way.

This is a beautiful highlighter from Benefit. It works well on any complexion and a little goes a long way!. Great dewy finish, and kind to sensitive skin! There is a lot of bang for your buck with the product as far as amount goes. But I did not like the application process, its the same concepts as a nail polish remover and if you are not familiar with the product you can easily be misguided or heavy handed and over apply the product due to the applicator. TIP: apply on the back of clean hand/or pallette and use your ring finger to apply to the areas that you want to highlight.

This product is great for a dewy look! I apply this to my brow and cheek bones for highlighting during the summer and spring. The only reason I stick to this only in those seasons is that it is a little sparkly and does create somewhat of a dewy look. This product is also easy to apply and lasts forever. The price is a little high but trust me you will get your money's worth out of this because it will last!!!

I love this product and it is super affordable and works great!

What I love about benefit products is that they last forever, however I'm always worried they will expire or go bad before I have a chance to use this highlighter up. If this highlighter was in an airtight container, maybe with a pump, I would justify the price for a bottle. However repeated contact between the brush, your skin, and introducing air to the bottle makes me feel uneasy about using up the entire product. With that said, it's a great product and introduces a really pretty glow, not too shimmery or glittery, but a light effect! it's a perfect highlighter in that sense!

Benefit's Complexion Enhancer Highbeam is a good product, overall it's just a highlighter, it's a whitish pink reflective shimmer cream that comes in a lipgloss type bottle with a lipgloss wand, you do not need much just a dab, I like to wipe off the extra off the wand shaft with my finger and dab it on. I don't recommend using the head to apply it as you will end up with too much product def use your fingertip. I like to use it on my cheekbones nose tear ducts and sometime as a highlight shadow. I have had for at least a year and no where near finished with it, it's still good just like brand new. I don't use it everyday but I use it enough. worth the money for it's lasting power.