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  • sapphirediva By  sapphirediva    

    Benefit is unfortunately just one of those hit or miss brands for me, and this is a miss. It barely gives my lips any color, and while I understand it's only a tint, what little pigment it gives comes off with a single swipe of the tongue. It also tastes disgusting. As a blush tint its okay, but I'm not much of a blush person so I honestly just never use this stuff. The story behind it is funny and I still support this brand and what they stand for just not a win for me.

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  • tipsytraveler06 By  tipsytraveler06    

    I love this product. It is the perfect shade. It looks like it will be dark in the bottle but when applied it looks as if you just finished eating a red Popsicle. Its perfect for a little color that will last all day. I normally wear this tint and a clear lip loss to work and it last all day through eating and drinking.

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  • sylviaky By  sylviaky    

    This stuff can be used as a blush or a lip stain. It is long lasting, and I think the smell is nice, a rose water smell. You have to be careful putting it on, it can be dark, so you need a light hand and to build up. Also, on your lips you will need to add a gloss or balm over it so it doesn't feel dry.

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  • yntran1 By  yntran1    

    It stays for a longgg time. Even when you try to rub it off, it. just. stays. My first impression is it is kind of hard to use. The concept is easy to grasp, but application is difficult, especially when it's too liquidy. It also dries out too quick for an even blend, so you end up with red patches that are hard to rub off. A slightly creamier consistency like benetint would allow better blending.

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  • glitterxx By  glitterxx    

    stays on all day. very natural looking

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  • andichick By  andichick    

    Love the benefit benetint lip and cheek stain! It leaves a lovely rosy tone on the cheeks and lips and makes me look more youthful and awake.

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  • AshleyEverett By  AshleyEverett    

    One of my favorite products! I've been using this faithfully since high school and it will always have a spot in my makeup bag. Really light and buildable to a nice/naughty flush. This product is perfect for an everyday, low maintance look especially in warmer climates and during the summer. With this tint, all you need is some BB cream, a couple swipe of benetint on the cheeks and lips and a few coats of mascara and you're good!

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    I own benetint & posietint. I have tried chachatint & lollitint as well. These tints/stains are wonderful. They are easy to wash off but last all day. They are great for light flushes of color all over but totally buildable for intense looks.

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  • shresthashre2 By  shresthashre2    

    Best cheek tint i have use it till now. It looks all natural and pretty. i really love this tint. i dont use it for lips but i use it as a blusher and it is gorgeous. Its a bit pricey but worth the price.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Blends well. I use a beauty blender.

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  • LoriR13 By  LoriR13    

    This product is amazing on the lips. It smells a little weird, and it looks weird while applying, but the color is so pretty. I cannot, however, get it to show up on my cheeks. I got a sample size in a benefit kit and will seriously consider buying a full size when it runs out.

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  • courtcat By  courtcat    

    Love the color and lasts a long time. It says you can use it on the lips but to me it just wasn't my color and kind of dried out my lips. But for the cheeks its amazing and easy to apply. i would definitely buy this product again.

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  • crystal1210 By  crystal1210    

    I love this for cheeks, Doesn't work for lips, drying and artificial looking

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  • scooter78 By  scooter78    

    Love the color and the staying power.

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  • blackandhotpink By  blackandhotpink    

    I thought this product would be great since I could use it for blush or to add some color to my lip. Meh. The color is great but the product sits on top of your cheeks and blending it is terrible. Putting this on your lips is worse. However, I did love the smell which I think smells like rose water.

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