Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out! Cookie Dough

Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out! Cookie Dough

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Review Summary: Good Flavors in small packages and big prices :D Once in a while when you want to splurge this is a good go to.

The price is high but I did like them. Can't find them anymore, though:(

These were great, a little pricey but very tasty. The smaller treat helps me with portion control. I'll pretty much eat as much ice cream as is available... my sweet tooth is my downfall:)

OH MY GOSH!!! I do not even eat ice cream! I know...but I have never really cared for it. I clipped a coupon or received a catalina (that coupon that spits out at check-out) and tried them! Can i tell you??? I ate both of them. See my husband is a Ben & Jerry's addict (I have even blogged about it) so he had several pints in the freezer. So I would not let him touch these! Wish they didn't cost so much! They are (were) my secret sin.

I never tried it but it sounds yummy!


Sounds good but looks too expensive

They are very good and are a good serving size (if you are like me and could eat a whole pint). They are a bit pricey for just two but are very tasty.

I had a coupon for Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out, so I splurged and bought a package. These single-serve ice cream cups are really a neat concept! There is a "floating" second bottom in the cups and a perforated hole on the actual cup bottom. You take the top off, flip the cup upside-down, push your finger through the hole, and the ice cream pops out onto your plate! The cookie dough flavor that I bought had the following layers: doughy cookie crumbles (on the bottom once "flipped"), cookie dough ice cream, fudge sauce topping, and a chocolate shell on the very top. The shell is to prevent the fudge from sticking to the cup's false bottom. It isn't 100% fool-proof, but I must admit that the excess didn't go to waste! (I'm sure I'm not the only one that licks yogurt seals, too!) ;) The "Flipped Out!" cups are very rich, but not too much. I found it perfectly yummy... and my husband agreed. At $3.70 for 2 servings, though, they are definitely a splurge for us. But the portion size is perfect and I found it much more satisfying than plain ol' ice cream.