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  • pixistyx By  pixistyx    

    Top favorite from Ben & Jerry's!

    Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream has been a long time favorite of mine. It's rich and delicious, and it's always been my #1 choice when I want to indulge!

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  • dcgirl1969 By  dcgirl1969    

    Satisfies The Devot Chocoholic

    This satisfies even the most devot chocolate lovers. Great chocolate flavor in Ben & Jerry?s Super Fudge Chunk. No matter how many others come out this will always be one of my favorites!

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  • PMD516 By  PMD516    

    My Chocolate fix!

    When I need a chocolate fix....this is it! Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream is not only chocolate ice cream but also has delicious chocolate pieces in it! You get the best of all this real rich, creamy and satisfying treat!

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  • rah1117 By  rah1117    

    This is my favorite. I try not to eat it too often, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I love Ben & Jerrys!

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  • Lizzy123 By  Lizzy123    

    Simply amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Chunky & delicious! I can literally eat the entire tub by myself. What more can I say!!

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  • dreamer3502 By  dreamer3502    

    Must try

    Delicious, this is a very rich and wonderful ice cream, it's a little expensive but it's worth it once in awhile

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  • CherryBlossoms By  CherryBlossoms    

    A family Favorite!

    What is not to LOVE? Big chocolate chunks, chocolate covered nuts, CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE! This was my Mom's favorite flavor and I remember often taking a pint or two out of our freezer growing up whenever I craved some delicious Ice Cream.

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  • debragaynor By  debragaynor    

    The oldest and best flavor

    I've been eating this ice cream ever since it was launched. ..maybe 25 or 30 years ago. I love all Ben & Jerry's because their ice cream has the most "stuff" in it, but this is by far the best one. Please continue to sell it!

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  • Jadesharma By  Jadesharma    

    Omg! I love this ice cream. I'm a all chocolate llovr for sure, but this ice cream is to die for.

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  • Marissamay010203 By  Marissamay010203    

    Chocolate Heaven!

    This is one of my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream. This has everything you can want. Rich dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of dark and white chocolate. Peanuts, walnuts and chocolate covered almonds. If you love chocolate upon chocolate this is for you. It's AMAZING!

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  • fariafamilia By  fariafamilia    

    This ice cream is so rich and filled with the most delicious chocolate omg it's to die for!!!

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