Ben & Jerry's  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks

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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream I'm a faithful ice cream person. I have it every evening. Ben & Jerry's is a great tasting and one of the best brands.

Fantastic So good! I love getting these and using them with whatever vanilla ice cream is on sale. Ben & Jerry's is the best, but not always an option when you've got 5 people in a household. I also eat them sometimes with some whipped cream and fruit.

Absolutely love these! Whoever came up with this idea deserves a lot of credit. These cookie dough bites are amazing. Can be eaten alone or added to ice cream for extra cookie dough experience. 10/10 would recommend

Craveable This is a great snack for when you are craving edible cookie dough. It tastes great and stays fresh for a long time.

These cookie dough bites are so good. My kids love them and usually eat the whole bag.

you really get great satisfaction with this product. its so good if you put in in some ice cream.

Get your sugar fix!! It's definitely different from any other ice cream brands out there. I'm obsessed with anything Ben and Jerry's and I had to try these. I've only bought them once but if you're looking for a small, sweet, dessert sugar fix but not ice cream this is your best bet!

Best part of ice cream alone If you?re tired of picking out pieces of cookie dough to eat on its own, now you can just buy some. Although rare to find in stores, this is a great purchase for any midnight snacker.

Bite-sized morsels of awesomeness If you've ever eaten around the cookie dough chunks in cookie dough ice cream, saving them for last - this is for you. It's JUST the frozen chunks, sold in the ice cream section of the freezer. They are bite-sized morsels of awesomeness. You can shake out just 1 or 2, or more likely, a whole handful. ENJOY - and go buy them soon so they keep making them!