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  • tinaa45 By  tinaa45    

    I brought these for my kids when they were youngest child was still asking me to buy them when she was five.I will definitely buy them for the twins when they are old enough.

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  • Rockstar9936 By  Rockstar9936    

    All three of my children loved these cookies. They were messy so these were an at home only snack not a take on the go snack.

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  • sweetmonkey8577 By  sweetmonkey8577    

    Ny son loves these especially when he's teething.

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  • Missxjewel By  Missxjewel    

    My son is almost 3 and still asks for these! Haha

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  • Misspackard87 By  Misspackard87    

    My toddler loved these. His favorite food is babana, so this flavor was perfect! My only problem was that they seemed to get all melty, leaving a mess to clean. I guess that made them slightly less a choking hazard.

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  • dawnabelair29 By  dawnabelair29    

    My son liked them but there was too many small pieces in the box. They break too easily, need better packaging

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    My daughter loved these and they taste good too!

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  • carlinichole By  carlinichole    

    my daughter loves these ..especially while teething.

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  • croggy By  croggy    

    My baby loves these!

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  • copycat215 By  copycat215    

    My daughter love these!! We actually used these for rewards since she loved them soo much. They were great for pottie training. She kept saying Give me cookie mommy. So I am super pleased with these.

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    my child would eat these but she always wanted to shove it all in her mouth when it was half eaten. have to keep a good eye on her choking hazard

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  • Maggiedev2 By  Maggiedev2    

    Love these..perfect for little ones teething ! All my grandchildren were given these, now #6 is about ready!

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  • xenagirl By  xenagirl    

    My children loves this as a snack it a handy snack for my 6 year old

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  • lynne27 By  lynne27    

    These taste good easy to chew My little one loves the banana flavor.

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  • sararyanw By  sararyanw    

    My kids have always loved these! my littlest (2yr old) loves them even my 4 yr old and 6 yr old twins still love to sneak some away form the 2 yr old ;)

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