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How To Submit A Bed Bath & Beyond Review for Wamsutta Dream Zone 725 Thread-Count PimaCott Sheet Set

Step 1: Go to product link:​ 

Step 2: Scroll down the page; make sure you click on “Ratings & Reviews Tab”

Step 3: Click "Write a Review" (Log in with an existing Bed Bath & Beyond account or create a new account if you don't alreay have one)

Step 4: Write Review (The following page should pop up You may have to click on "Write a Review" again after logging in or signing up). **Please make sure to include the following disclosure at the end of your review: I received a free sample of Wamsutta sheets to try from SheSpeaks.

Step 5:  After writing your review please click "Preview" and then proceed to submit your review. There will be a box labeled "Please send me an email when my review is posted". Make sure the box is clicked. You should get a message after you've posted your review saying that "Your review will appear within 48 hours". 

Step 6: If you recieve an email with a link to your review, please submit it in this brief survey

ATTENTION: If you do not receive a link within 48 hours you can check on your review by going back to product link:​  and looking through "Ratings & Reviews" for your review. When you find it you can click on your Bed Bath & Beyond username. It will take you to a page with all of your reviews. You should be able to get a link from there. Please submit that link in this brief survey. 


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