Bed Bath and Beyond Lemon Juicer

Bed Bath and Beyond Lemon Juicer

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THE BEST!!! I'm allergic to the zest, so this is great!!! Wonderful for lemonade!! I probably use mine everyday!! ... besides is pretty!! ;)

I love this kitchen gadget for squeezing all of the juice you can out of a lemon, and use it for even more. It's perfect for limes as well as other fruits if cut in the right size. Plus, it's a money saver; better than buying to pre-squeezed stuff. We make home made lemonaid, use it for baking and cooking! It's a must-have in our home!

I tried this Lemon Juicer the first time last week and I must say I was really surprised how wonderful it worked, I love it, it's simple and it works like a charm!

This is the best lemon juicer ever - very easy to use, keeps the seeds out, and gets out lots of juice. I just toss it in the dishwasher to clean.

I use my lemon juicer for making delicious lemonade for my kids using real lemons and not the powdered stuff. It's really easy to use and I just add a bit of agave to the lemon juice and water, and my kids love it.