Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier

Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier

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This helps when my baby wants to be held, but also when I need both hands. However, after a few minutes, the straps begin to hurt my shoulders and sometimes it feels as if all the weight is being carried on my neck. And it isn't easy to get my child in and out without a little help.

It's very difficult to put the baby in that little pouch. Otherwise, the design is really cute. I wish it had more pockets like the ergo to hold things, though. Very comfortable, especially compared to the Bjorn. I have the Bjorn, Ergo, Beco, and a pouch sling.

Honestly,you're telling me you like your Beco more than the Ergo? Never!! It's true that the Beco Butterfly is an innovative design,but my goodness what a gizmo for a carrier to be. I am not a fan of having pouches and straps and buckles galore,yikes. I also never really felt like my little one was seated comfortably on me in this one.

I agree with the review that this is the only carrier you'll ever need. I've used it from newborn through 2.5 years. Extremely comfortable - All we need for a day trip into the city, etc.

I LOVE this carrier! I've had an Ergo and I didn't feel safe transferring baby from front to back with it. That's not the case with the Beco Butterfly II Carrier. The inner Butterfly panel allows the wearer to feel safe while baby is secure. It goes up to 45 lbs and as small as 7 lbs. Making it VERY versatile! Right now I still wear my 13 mo old (20 lbs) daily, for a few hours a day. He sleeps in it while I grocery shop, do laundry, cook dinner, play outside with my older children, pretty much for everything! Very compact when all folded up too! This carrier by far exceeds the length of time that it's useful. The Moby Wrap or Sleepy Wrap is primarily good for the infant months, Bjorn is good until no more than 6 months before it becomes painful to wear for long periods. Ergo is good, but without the added security of the inner panel of the Beco, it's falls short.

This is the number one baby carrier as far as I'm concerned. Many other carriers are either too bulky, too complicated or just not comfortable. I had a Bjorn & hated it, it made by back sore. So did other carriers simmilar to the Bjorn. But the Beco was very comfortable for me and my baby. No babck pain, super easy to use and my baby would easily fall asleep in it. I could also nurse her while she was in the carrier (descretely)! I also love the different fabics and prints.

I am not going to waste your time by telling you how many different ways you can wear this baby carrier because you can just look up the information on the Beco Baby Carrier website. Rather, I want to explain why the Beco Baby Carrier is my favorite! First of all, if you are a larger woman, you might need to buy an extension strap for other baby carriers in order to wear it comfortably. I know several larger size moms who could not wear the ergo baby carrier but had no problems with the Beco Baby Carrier. Though I have to say that being an average size woman, I am able to wear all baby carriers without any problems. Second, I LOVE, LOVE the inside panel of the Beco Baby Carrier-- which I have not seen on any other baby carriers before. The reason why I love it is because if you have an infant, the inside panel ensure the security of your baby. My friend who has tried other baby carriers before said that her baby fell out a baby carrier (falling out from the bottom) because there was no fabric panel on the inside to provide that extra security. And this is why I think the inside panel support is so awesome. Third, I love the built in infant support. If you have an infant, you know how important it is to support his/her fragile head and neck. With some baby carriers, you can buy an infant insert for the head and neck support but I have to adjust the insert every time I put the baby in it (which can be pretty bothersome after awhile). With the built in infant insert on the Beco Baby carrier, it is always in the same place and you don't have to adjust it every time you put your baby in the carrier. Once your infant is strong and large enough, you can undo the Beco Baby infant support piece from the carrier and store it for your next baby. Fourth, Comfort! The Beco Baby Carrier has thinner straps than the ergo baby carrier. Though both baby carriers are equally comfortable to wear, I found the Beco Baby Carrier straps to be less bulky. Last but not least, Design! Ok, I know this is completely a personal preference, but I really love the Asian influenced fabric selections on the Beco Baby Carriers.

As a former owner of a ring sling, a moby wrap, a bjorn, a ketly frame backpack, and a pouch... trust me. This is the ONLY carrier you'll ever need. It is ridiculously comfortable, easy to use, and not at all bad price-wise if you can find a second somewhere. I love this carrier. I would marry it if I were single. :) My son is 15 months old and still rides as comfortably as he did as an infant.