Beachbody Insanity

Beachbody Insanity

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LOVE BB! I can't say enough about this business. Their videos actually target problem areas and give you an amazing workout from home! This is ideal for someone who has a hard time making it to the gym. Shaun T will make you want to work harder. Keep in mind that these videos will make you work for it, but are well worth it!

I swear by BB products, and this one is no different. So intense, and well worth the high price that you pay for the products. If it doesn't work, it's because YOU didn't stick to it, I swear!

💪🏼 Brilliantly designed programe with a professional team. I brought this at the beginning of the year. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who hasn't worked out before or for a long time it's hard work. Results are guaranteed

Weight Loss MUST Stick to it and kill the workouts! I was getting asked within 2-3 weeks what I was doing because there were so many changes happening that fast to my body!

It's Tough! You have to be ready for this workout. It is rough. I had to modify some of the exercises because I was getting shin splints and a lot of knee discomfort because of all of the jumping involved. That being said, if you are ready to commit to the full workout process you will see results. Make sure you have a lot of space to move around and a good fan to keep you cool. Get ready to work up a sweat!

Great workout! This is very challenging, but definitely a great workout! Will leave you tired and sore, in a good way! Highly recommend!

Healthy Shaun T is an amazing trainer. Have been a fan and very active with the insanity workout for years now and love it. The exercises are a challenge, but the results are amazing!

This is by far my favorite workout of all time! Shaun T is an excellent trainer, and my results using this program along with a sensible diet were amazing. I lost more than 19 lbs and went from a size 8 to a size 4. I looked better than I ever have. I cannot say enough great things about this program. I am not a beachbody trainer (but I should be). I took a break this summer from my workouts, and I cannot wait to get back on track with this program again. I put on more than I'd like to admit this summer. I had a little too much fun with my little ones I guess. I am beginning my weight loss journey with Shaun T and Insanity next week (hopefully my back is better by then!) You can read about my journey on my blog at