Be An Eco Savvy Party Guest: Part 1: Bring on the Food

   By PureNaturalDiva  Jun 03, 2011

Summer is coming, the invites are flowing, you’ve found the perfect swimsuit, safe sunscreen... but what to bring to the party.

With a little savvy, a little forethought and just a little additional effort you can ensure you bring healthier, eco-savvy offerings to the next fette on your busy summer calendar!

This series will start with a few simple changes you can make to the food - without straying too far from traditional fare!

Think Fresh

Summer is such a great time for fresh berries, fruits and melons. Hit your local farmers market, and pick the freshest option. Chop it up and bring it to your next gathering. Delicious fresh fruits are always a hit. Guests love a guilt free indulgence!

Fresh snap fees, carrot sticks, jicama with a creamy humous for another well received option!

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Sausages

The grill might feel naked without these traditional offerings. But you can bring healthier versions along with you to share at the next party.

Choose Free Range Organic Beef for the burgers - with 30% less saturated fat - this is a choice that is good for both the body & the environment!

Make sure your hot dogs are nitrate free and you can easily read the names of all the ingredients. There are many choices that are readily available at your grocers... and the difference to your health and the health of your friends is well worth the extra few minutes of label reading!

Have you tried a chicken sausages lately. I’ve tried many that are super tasty, nitrate free and full of spices... with familiar names!

Bring better buns... instead of regular white flour buns... pick out a whole wheat option... or if you can find it... an organic whole wheat option! Whole wheat buns can be found at any major grocery chain. Organic can be found at whole foods.

Ingredient Tip - Wheat flour is not the same as Whole Wheat Flour.

Can’t Resist the Chips?

If you just can’t say no to corn chips - be sure to choose Organic Corn Chips... a savvy way to avoid GMO’s! Pair it with a fresh organic salsa, add some bean dip and have a "less-guilt" indulgence!


What is your favorite organic food?


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