Batter Blaster Organic Pancake and Waffle Batter

Batter Blaster Organic Pancake and Waffle Batter

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I think the pancakes tasted great and they are fun to make. I do not seek out organic products but I think it is an added plus. I do agree the can is on the expensive side.

The pancakes are convenient and easy to make and easy to store however, they don't taste the same as regular thick fluffy pancakes. They come out thinner and bubblier. Probably wouldn't buy them again. Fun idea, but not the same taste.

So fun and convenient...but a little off tasting

We all loved this product!! Easy to use and tasty!!

I personally do not like this product. I do not know if my pan was too hot or what but it didnt spread out and it browned oddly in the shape in which it was squirted. Also it had a wierd taste to them. i would not buy this again

The only reason that this is getting 2 stars is because the novelty of this product was GENIUS! I was completely suckered into purchasing, what is essentially an aerosol can filled with batter. I mean, what's not to love? Whipped Cream comes in an aerosol can, and who doesn't love some good ol' whipped cream? But to come to think about it, so does hairspray, bugspray, lysol, and the list goes on. Needless to say, once the product was actually opened and used, I was GREATLY disappointed. I was hoping for atleast a little awesomeness. I mean with words like "Batter Blaster" you'd expect atleast a little awesomeness, wouldn't you? To make this review go a little faster. I have made a list of Pro's and Con's. Pro's It claims it's Organic. It comes in a nifty lil aerosol can Clean up is a breeze Con's Expensive! Nearly $6! Keep in mind, I purchased this product when it first hit the market, so the price may have dropped since then. Makes terrible, chewy, rubbery, nasty tasting pancakes. No syrup in the world could mask the grossness of these little monstrosities. The spray nozzle was easily clogged and very hard to press. Claims to make 24 -4" pancakes ..I barely got 9 out of the can So anyway, I def would NOT recommend this product to anyone. Even tho the concept was pretty nifty. So nifty that my suggestion would be this: Whip yourself some good ol bisquik pancake batter (or make your own concoction) and pour the batter into a reusable condiment bottle. You can find red and clear ones at the dollar store. It's essentially the same thing, except one you press a nozzle & the other you squeeze. Enjoy!

I tried this recently, thought it was a neat concept. It was a waste of money. I do not recommend this product, and have also told my friends not to purchase this I agree with others that have said, stick to your usual brand of pancake mix, not worth the time or money

I think the pancakes tasted great and they are fun to make. I do not seek out organic products but I think it is an added plus. I do agree the can is on the expensive side.

I love this product! It is easy to use and tastes great. My whole family has used this and it makes just the right amount, no more wasting extra batter.

I have gotten a number of cans of this item and have never had an issue. And I am talking at least 5 or more cans of it. The key to using this product is to make sure it is shaken up really well and to use a pankcake pan (low sides). What I love about this is if my 3 year old is the only one that wants pancakes I can make 3 up for her and not add more dishes to my sink. I haven't tried this in the waffle maker yet, but when I do I will let you know how it comes out. And my 3 year old is very picky about her pancakes!

I am glad you warned us:)

This product is nasty! Gross! Yucky! Ohh my, where do I start! DO NOT BUY! My kids and I thought the product was awesome, b/c it's an aerosol can like whip cream, but sprays out pancake/waffle batter easy without a mess! Spraying the batter out of the can onto a hot pan was really difficult! And hot! The batter didn't want to come out without a fight! When i finally got it out and cooked them, my kids and I were eager to try this new product. All 3 of us at the same time said, YUCK! NASTY! Tasted like pancakes that were sprayed with hair spray! No joke! Very chemical like! Just all around nasty! I never request refunds on food products, but I am taking these back!

I bought my from Publix. Top shelf over by the eggs and cream. They ran a BOGO and I had 2 $1 off coupons. Each one costs $ it's a little pricey. Best bet is to let it sit out for about 10 minutes before use otherwise the pancakes come out funky and you waste batter. I would only buy it again if they ran another sale.

This looks great. I found the site online and found out this product is available at my local grocery store. I am definitely going to search this one out.

This product is amazing! You just shake it up and squirt it into a skillet and within minutes you have pancakes. My family is not really into "organic" eating, but you can not tell, they taste great. The can and lid is also able to be recycled. You have no messy pancake batter bowl to clean, or do not have to throw out any unused batter. I even have time to make a few for my son as he heads to school... I got about 30 pancakes out of one bottle- Everyone should try it!