Bath & Body Works Wallflowers

Bath & Body Works Wallflowers

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My absolute favorite plug ins. Love the variety of high quality scents to be able to put in them. Pricier than i would like them to be however, but they smell so good and last so long it's worth it!

I have bought a ton of these in the past, but I do not buy these anymore. The wallflower units quit working after a short period of time and they do not smell in open concept rooms. I could only smell them in my small bathroom and my hallway. They don't smell for a very long time.


I Love these wall flowers I have them all over my house I have been using them for several years. I have also given them as gifts and they love them!

This product works like no other each time you walk into a room with one you instantly smell goodness I've used other products like these plug in air fresheners and after a day or so you no longer can smell the scent. The only problem I have found is that they spill if you place down on their side.

My roommate bought some of these and they do give off a great smell in the room, however we took one out one day and it leaked all over everything. They are supposed to be leak proof. I don't know if we had a bad one or not because the other ones didn't do this. I like this product but wish that one didn't leak.

I have these all over my home in both the plain version and the nightlight version. When they are working properly, they put off a soft scent and make my home smell fresh and amazing. There are so many scents to choose from. What I have found is that they don't last as long as they used to. The wall units "burn out" and only give a noticeable scent when you are up close after a few months (obviously bulbs are changed every 30-45 days or when empty). However, you can usually find a deal on a couple times a year when you can get these at a GREAT value, and they are cheaper than Glade or Airwick - and are far superior. Lots of scents to choose from, lots of designs in the units and if you are patient, you can find a great deal!

I LOVE how amazing these are. There are so many scent choices and they make your home smell amazing for weeks at a time. I have cats and people have no idea because my house always smells clean and fresh. My favorite scent is Fresh Cotton, it smells like freshly washed laundry! Ahh...heaven :)

These are SLATKIN Wallflowers sold by Bath & Body Works, QVC and other merchants. They are not Bath & Body products. Most people are simply familiar with them because they are sold at B&BW. The candles sold at B&BW are also Slatkin. I love the products of Slatkin and all Bath & Body Works products. Just wanted to give credit to Slatkin.

I like these. I buy them on sale and they make the room smell great.

Honestly I love everything at Bath and Body Works except these. The wallflowers smell great, but only put off a scent for a few days. The oil lasts for about four weeks, the smell does not, even in a tiny bathroom. They are a waste of money.