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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love the shimmer and scents. I used them on the go after a workout and shower. Spray and go.

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  • amyclay25 By  amyclay25    

    The shimmer and sparkle in this body spray is nice, but the scents are too floral for me. I though initially the sweet pee note was overpowering. It lasts well, but I just haven't found a fragrance that I like in this line.

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  • brandynicolesmith1996 By  brandynicolesmith1996    

    I love all of the Bath & Body Works scents. I usually go for more of the fruity, and exotic scents. I also like sweet scents, and floral as well. So, something like this would be right up my ally. Smells great.

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  • DynamicNova By  DynamicNova    

    Very pretty scent and just the right amount of glisten and sparkle to go with a good night out on the town

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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    I'm not a girly girl so I'm not a big fan because of the shimmer.

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  • lolabrio By  lolabrio    

    Amazing as promised!

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  • hotdog79 By  hotdog79    

    This spray is absolutely amazing, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. The shimmer in the spray is beautiful and not overpowering or childish-looking like regular glitter spray. It gives your skin just the right amount of shimmer for a very sexy, feminine look. I usually use this in the "Sweet Pea" scent, and it smells so yummy. I wore this in the summer when it was 90 degrees and above and the shimmer lasted all day and I could still smell it on myself 10 hours later.

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