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  • Teecee By  Teecee    

    smooth skin

    goes on so easy and feels great, I love the smell its a great way to make your skin feel wonderful

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Sensory pleasure!

    Shea Cashmere is a hand cream *experience*. The fragrance and texture will make you want to slow down and savor the moment. It's a treat!

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  • vanessadc By  vanessadc    

    I love the way this makes my hands feel! The smell may be a little strong for some, but not bad smelling by any means. And I feel like it makes my hands soft all day without constantly having to reapply.

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  • savaannahreese By  savaannahreese    

    I would love to try this product, I have used other hand creams and somewhat liked them. And based on what I have read I would probably love this product.

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  • frezia2014 By  frezia2014    

    Love the smell and the way my hands feel after. It is one of my favorite band creme.

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  • SmileyMoniq By  SmileyMoniq    

    Oh, I love this stuff! Smells good (sweet, like buttercream icing), and works! Leaves your hands moisturized and so soft! Definitely a must try, if you haven't already!

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  • afaye5 By  afaye5    

    Ih man. By far my all time favorite right now at bath and body works. The smell is mesmorizing. And leaves your bodysilky smooth.

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  • kj2012 By  kj2012    

    Just the smell of this handcream is enough to send you in happy odor orbit! It's a fresh scent, not overpowering, yet comforting somehow. It reminds me of something you would find at a fancy spa. It goes on smooth, is not greasy, and absorbs well. Ingredients include African Shea Butter and Mongolian Cashmere extract (not sure what that is, but it works!). This product is part of Bath & Body Works True Blue Line and also comes in a bath wash, spray, and body lotion. I have not tried the rest yet, but I plan to.

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