Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Perfume

Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Perfume

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One of my many favorite perfumes, not too strong but soft enough of a scent that lasts all day and smells so good! It's worth the price, even if it's expensive and a little goes a long with this perfume smells amazing! My mom bought it first and she loved and recommend it to me. and i really like the smell and thankfully my boyfriedn bought me one bottle for my birthday!and i using it everyday!

The fragrance of sensual amber gives what it promises, a scent of sensuality. It smells warm and welcoming. I'm more of a citrus-scent lover, but I still liked this one.

I really enjoy this fragrance, how warm and soft it is. I prefer to wear it in the nite time or oh hot summer moths, it goes well with my PH.. the price its a great for the amount of product you get. On my second bottle already! I do wish it was more long lasting , but I need to reapply a couple times during a long day.

cozy, warm and yummy

I don't like this smell.

I'm not a fan of this scent it seems way to deep but I guess it lives up to it's name on the bottle lol, I wouldn't expect it to be light and airy, but I was more hoping for less musk smell.

It's a calming delicious smell. My Sisters favorite. I only use it on occasion bt its definitely a winter months smell.

I like it, but definitely not my favorite. It smells good on me but some people it smells horrid on (my mother). Just make sure you use a tester before you actually commit to purchase it.

This smells so good! It's a warm rich smell! Loves! And I love that they have room spray and candles in the same scent! So awesome!

Lovely scent! Not too strong as with most of B&BW scents. they dont seem to last as long as most purfumes but the smell is wonderful, soft, a but of a muck scent, my hubby loves this one on me!

I absolutely LOVE this scent. It is so soft but so pretty. I have everything possible in this scent.

This is a very sexy fragrance and can be layered with the lotion and body mist. I carry a small bottle of it in my purse to freshen up during the day. This fragrance just like the Moonlit Path is a fragrance that will not go out of fashion. There are many other cosmetic companies making Amber fragrances and they all blend well with this Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber. Bath & Body Works makes extraordinary products and they never test on animals!

I love the fragrance of this sensuous perfume. It is lasting and not too heavy. I enjoy other perfumes and choose the one for the day as the mood strikes me. I find myself choose "Sensual Amber" often. As with other B&BW products, there is a complete line of lotions, etc. with the fragrance Sensual Amber.