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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Love Bath and Body!!

    I have always loved these and my daughter has to have them for school. With everything going on in the world right now we all need to carry around one of these.

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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    Not for me anymore

    As a child I would save my money up just for the ?big sale? buy 3, get 3 and I would load up on these. However as an adult I have found that they are over fragranced, leading to me not feeling clean after using it. However my daughter loves them.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer smells good and is perfect for travel or keeping in a purse. I sued this when out in public, especially before eating if I can't wash my hands first.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    smells great and effective

    Fits in my pocket, small but powerful. It smells great too, which is why it's my favorite hand sanitizer to use. Smells great and effective.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Moisturizing Sanitizer

    I stay on Bath and Body Works always looking for deals because their products are so wonderfully amazing. Their PocketBac Hand Sanitizers are Compact and come in amazing scents. Sometimes you may even want to eat it!-But please don't! (LOL) They are moisturizing do they don't dry out your skin as much as that is a known thing for sanitizers because of the alcohol content. I also love the colors they end up coming out with. I love all the boldness they make with their products!

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  • rainbowtrafficlights By  rainbowtrafficlights    

    An Obsession!

    Since I was 12, I've been obsessed with hoarding Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers. I love how many little carriers they sell to go along with it and all the different scents, colors, and even sometimes glitter they have in store! They're just as effective as regular sanitizer but more fun!

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    Must have!

    So convenient to carry in my purse and another in the car to have whenever I need it. Glad I stocked up last time they were on sale since it's impossible to get more now. Love the beach theme and berry scents.

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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    For the win

    Pricey..but if ya hit bbw when theyre having a sale theyre a steal. They smell sooo good. And the little holders they have are super convenient.

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  • Oki2cali By  Oki2cali    

    Buy it !

    This is the only Brand of sanitizers that I use . Even my boyfriends loves them because they have masculine smells and he?s always out driving for work so they are convenient . The price is good as well . I keep one on my purse at my desk at home in my car etc

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  • Shannelcouture By  Shannelcouture    

    Perfect for anyone on the go with germ awareness

    Literally the best little thing you can attach to oneself. Have on your purse, backpack, briefcase, whatever. If you feel you need to freshen up your hands from any mess quickly pop out you handi-sani and rub away the germs. All types of scents and cute little carrying cases that change, so many options.

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  • BiancaCloxton By  BiancaCloxton    

    Apparently doesn't do as promised

    Loved all of their hand sanitizers until my sister in law who is a nurse came home with some interesting news. She said the active ingredient that actually sanitizes your hands takes up to 6 hours to work. Which means you would have to not touch anything for 6 hours for your hands to be clean from using this. Which totally defeats the purpose. I have a newborn. I need my hands clean quick. IRS great to make your hands smell nice though, lol.

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  • amcalzada By  amcalzada    

    B&B Hand Sanitizers

    I love that they are not too expensive and i can just put them in my purse and have as needed!! So convenient and handy and always smell so good!

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  • Tb92diesel By  Tb92diesel    

    These are great for on the go they fit anywhere purses, backpacks, luggage, and desk drawers and where ever else u need them and you can get any sent that you love.

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  • DaisyHunnell96 By  DaisyHunnell96    


    They changed the shape of these from square like to oval like, but I still love the hand sanitizers and they are my #1 pick for hand sanitizer. They do not dry out your skin, they smell great, they come in a variety of colors and scents, and they have little holders designed for them that are fashionable and cute and fit on your purse. My fiance even knows my obsession with these hand sanitizers and will pick me up some when he can. My holder that he got me is sparkly and pink with gold accents and says "Where's My Cabana Boy?" and has two cute rhinestones with it. I currently have 5 scents with me which are: PoolSide Pop, Sweet Pea, Cucumber Melon, Peach Bellini, and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

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  • Nounou By  Nounou    


    The smell stay in my hands even after washing them

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