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  • Zumbachick By  Zumbachick    

    Fresh, light, great mixture! I like that it's not so overpowering that I can't use it at work. Well done!

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  • preetika2393 By  preetika2393    

    Too sweet a smell

    While I have alaways been a fan of bath and body works, their creamsa re amazing, this one is not exactly my favorite,..but that is only because of the smell of this one

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  • KnotNerdy By  KnotNerdy    

    Love the smell and it goes on smooth and doesn't feel sticky afterwards. no greasy feeling either

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  • RavenSlack By  RavenSlack    

    LOVE it

    the smell is lovely !!! and it does't make my skin itch at all !!

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    Great Scent

    I love the clean scent of French Lavender and Honey Bath And Body lotion! I keep it at my job so when I need a bit of a pick me up after a difficult customer, also I work retail so we move boxes constantly so my hands tend to get a little dry and I have found Bath and Body lotion to work very well for me. Plus with all the amazing scents they are perfect gifts to give for any occasion.

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  • wovenbirds By  wovenbirds    

    This lotion smells really nice and it is hydrating!

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  • Olysichka By  Olysichka    

    Soft skin !

    I love lavender, it smells so so good ! and my hands smells great afterwards and also feel very soft !

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  • twlight00 By  twlight00    


    I love Bath & Body and I love the subtle scent this lotion has. Although on days my allergies are bothering me I stray away because it seems to irritate. But good for all other days!

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  • tammy1971 By  tammy1971    

    Bath and Bodyworks..Lavendar and Honey body lotion

    Absolutely love this body lotion, its a very nice subtle scent and it lasts quite a long time, its not greasy and doesn't take long to absorb, highly recommend

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  • gillumj1 By  gillumj1    

    Perfect Scent!

    Strong and lasting smell, always get asked what I am wearing because it smells so good!

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  • afrench1985 By  afrench1985    

    So relaxing!

    This lotion is amazing! The scent is very relaxing and lasts a long time. This is perfect for before bedtime as a relaxing part of your evening routine.

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  • Nbarker18 By  Nbarker18    

    Highly Recommended

    I absolutely love any Bath and Body Works products! I have a ton of it myself! It keeps you smelling great for the day and keeps you moisturized! I highly recommend!

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  • Burningember By  Burningember    


    Leaves your legs so soft you feel like you just shaved them. The smell is so rich and refreshing but thb i split the bottle into two and add unscented lotion because bbw tends to be too strong for me.

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  • monaespeaks16 By  monaespeaks16    

    my bath and body work

    I am a bath and body work lady i love a lot of the products my fav is the pink chiffon they last all day and keep my skin moist. My daughter also love it

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  • traceyk By  traceyk    

    The scent of this lotion is absolutely wonderful! I have never been a fan of lavender and was hesitant to try this scent but once I did I was hooked! It reminds me walking through a garden on a spring day! The lotion leaves my skin moisturized and smelling delightful! I love this so much I have stockpiled it!

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