Bath & Body Works Country Chic

Bath & Body Works Country Chic

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Summer fresh scent A great summer smell! This is a fave from bath and body works. It's light and fresh and has staying power.

Love it, I like almost all of Bath and Body products, and this was no exception, great lite smelling, only down side only lasted a few hours..but I've noticed. That with alot of there products..

Great scent. It is light and fresh, I have found it is great all year, but is especially great for spring and summer use. Helps to brighten my day and makes me feel good!

really a nice summer scent, playful and sweet

Didn't enjoy it at all

very fun but still down to earth smell I like it

Like most of Bath and Body Works fragrances and lotion, the Country Chic is heavenly and strong. Smells like sweet flowers but with a pinch of lemon. Fills up the room whenever I walk into a room and really brightens my day!

Country Chic is one of my favorite summer scents. It has the hint of country in the summer - the smells that make this city girl miss home.

I didn't care for this fragrance sadly. It wasn't what I expected at all. I love florals but it just wasn't for me.

I love this fragrance so much when I wear it I get so many compliments. I love's light and fresh its amazing for spring and summer.

love this familiar scent that lasts all day and brightens any room

I love the undertones of this scent--especially wildflowers--but I can't get over the lemon. I just strongly associate lemon with cleaning products, not scented lotion. It might just be a smell aversion I have to the lemon, but others may like that; I know I like the smell of orange, and others don't.

Bath & Body Works Country Chic is one of my favorite scents for Spring and Summer. It's an effervescent floral with a refreshing jolt of lemon that's just right for the warmer weather. The eau de toilette is in a chic blue bottle, but I personally prefer the country meadow scene on the body mist bottles (not to the mention the lighter wear of same in hot weather).