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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    this is one of those smell I would buy for a 11 year old it smells kind of like a baby power

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  • tracirae By  tracirae    

    Purchased this in a travel size bottle in store. It smells so good, but I can't really put it in words how it smells. I definitely recommend everyone to go try this fragrance!

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  • faerica7 By  faerica7    

    I don't like this fragrance, would not recommend

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  • Sparkscity831 By  Sparkscity831    

    This fragrance is mostly for teenagers like me, but sometimes the scent is overpowering(:

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  • 1SwtWrld By  1SwtWrld    

    I am not a fan of this scent I can't even describe how it smells, it almost has a milky smell to me, and the lotion is even worse so this is by far one of the worse scents by bath and body works in my opinion.

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  • Pearliieee By  Pearliieee    

    Recently having picked up the Carried Away travel fragrance mist, I was not expecting much. It was more as of one of those last minute, sure I'll take that sort of deals. However I was pleasantly surprised. The fragrance itself is a very berryish, sweet, yet floral scent. It's very light and feminine, yet also very appealing. It reminded me faintly of Sweet Pea, however I am a much bigger fan of this scent.

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