Basically, Totally, Literally the Best App To Improve Speech and Eliminate Fillers

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 09, 2017

Do you find yourself using words like ‘totally’, ‘ya know’, ‘umm’, ‘like’ or ‘so’ every time you have a pause in the conversation? These are called filler words and we’re all guilty of using them.

The use of these types of words in conversation can be distracting and do little to help get your point across. Maybe there’s an important job interview, date, work meeting or even if you just have a hard time making small talk - there’s an app called LikeSo that promises to help you communicate better.

After throwing  down the 99 cents and downloading the app, I gave LikeSo a try...

I mean, ya know just like so I can see if the app really helps with eliminating unnecessary filler words or whatever. Upon opening LikeSo for the first time, I found the app to be pretty straightforward and simple to use. There are two modes: “TalkAbout,” where the user is given questions to answer for 30 or 60 seconds, and “FreeStyle,” where you just come up with dialogue on the spot and talk for a minimum of 1 minute. “TalkAbout” seemed less intimidating so I tried that first.

The “TalkAbout” menu allows the user to choose from a vast amount of scenarios like small talk, debate, job interview, and even speed dating. In job interview mode I was asked things like where I had heard about the position, if I was willing to travel for the job and why I felt it was time to change my career. It turns out answering these kinds of questions with no preparation is just about as nerve wracking as it is when going to a real interview. But in the end I scored an ‘A’ and was given feedback that my pace was good but I used a whopping 11 filler words in just 2 and a half minutes of questioning without even realizing it - ‘like’, ‘actually’, ‘so’, ‘right’ and ‘just’ were my go-tos.

I didn’t do as well in “FreeStyle” mode where I scored an A- because my pace was too fast and I used 4 filler words.

All in all, I think LikeSo is a very useful tool for anyone who strives to be more articulate. I am eager to try this out with my 12 year old daughter who regularly peppers her speech with all the time. I can see how this might also provide better results if someone were to use it consistently over a period time. It's like having a personal speech therapist for under a buck!

What are your most-used filler words?

What do you think of the LikeSo app? If you try it, let us know how you score!

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ima_lil_galaxy by ima_lil_galaxy | Lyndhurst, OH
Mar 10, 2017

Like is a big one. I try to minimize all filler words by expanding my vocabulary and this app seems legitimate!

Jenny391 by Jenny391 | Port Isabel, TX
Mar 09, 2017

I did use them when I was in high school, but as an adult, no I don't. I know better now that using them makes you look unintelligent.