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  • GirlMomof3 By  GirlMomof3    


    My favorite go to wine! You can?t go wrong with this ! Great taste and definitely great price!

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  • AliSpeaks By  AliSpeaks    

    Favorite go to for years.

    My absolute favorite for a good true moscato. I was turned onto this years ago at a dinner with my boyfriend's family. We had fruit, cheese and a light scallop meal. It was a wonderful pairing and ever since i've been hooked on the white whine. I need to try the rose and the less sweet versions.

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  • DestinyAlfonso2012 By  DestinyAlfonso2012    

    Try it now, you wont be disappointed!!!

    My absolute favorite brand of Moscato!! The wine pairs very well with with a grilled chicken cesar salad, as I have discovered myself. With soft notes of pear and white grape, accompanied by a smooth and crisp taste... it will leave your mouth tingling. Highly recommend if you haven't tried it yet!!!

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  • lifero By  lifero    

    Love the taste and the price

    Love it is not too sweet and does the job of relaxing me

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  • qingles By  qingles    

    Great for the price

    This is my go-to "cheap" wine - which is usually something I only buy when I have one goal: get wasted. This particular wine pulled me through countless Megabus rides when my (now) husband and I had an LDR (long distance relationship). Now it holds a special place in my heart...

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  • sabrina345 By  sabrina345    

    It's a great drink when staying home during a Friday with friends, the taste is great paired with a buttery type of dinner like Salman.

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  • Ladydarksky By  Ladydarksky    

    i have bought this a few times at the store here and i have to say the first time it was ok, then i wasn't on the low sugar kick, now that i am the sweetness of it is just so over powering that i cant stand even the smell of this, some bottles are more strong than others which makes me wonder how some stores get this product, either way i was impressed with the wine and now on my do not buy list

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    I've tried numerous types of wines but this one has to be my favorite! It has just the right amount of sweetness and is so smooth going down...and the price of it is awesome to be SOOO good!

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  • honestheart By  honestheart    

    It has a good price and you can find this brand almost anywhere, It has a sweet taste with a nice buzz that comes with it. For party or small gathering this will be a nice addition for the ladies

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  • Lannah86 By  Lannah86    

    it affordable and it taste so good.

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  • mingee08 By  mingee08    

    I'm an not a huge wine drinker~ but if there's a wine that might change my mind~ it's Moscato!! The Barefoot Moscato is flavorful and bright!! I really enjoyed it and it was a nice change from the heavy taste of my whiskey & diet I normally drink. I definitely would recommend this Barefoot wine(-:

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  • jjjct1962 By  jjjct1962    

    I have only tried Barefoot Moscato once at a friends party and I thought it was good .. I plan to try it again in the near future.

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  • Futuredoctormom By  Futuredoctormom    

    Best wine ever!

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  • NikkiJoBrubaker By  NikkiJoBrubaker    


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  • kikicakes By  kikicakes    

    This wine taste amazing! when I find myself not really in the mood to go blow 40+ on a good wine; I turn to this wine which is so refreshing. I always have three bottle on hand

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