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  • izzy04 By  izzy04    

    A natural makeup day necessity.

    Fantastic! It doesn?t get too matte which is nice. It can look cakey sometimes but for the most part it?s nice. There is also an impressive shade range. This is easy to apply and wears well throughout the day.

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  • Cturner410 By  Cturner410    

    Sheer to full coverage

    This foundation is easy to build. Can have very sheer to full coverage. Takes some time to get the hang of. I have been using it for years. I love it because it doesn?t cling to dry patches.

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  • allisondoyle90 By  allisondoyle90    

    Love it!

    Bareminerals original foundation continues to be the only foundation that my sensitive, acne-prone skin can handle. It covers all redness, doesn't look cakey, AND includes SPF 30. As someone who had skin cancer on my forehead in my younger years, SPF is very important to me. Great product!

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  • mindyg By  mindyg    

    incredible but pricey

    Phenomenal powder! Watch tutorial on how to apply it properly, because applying it the right way changes this powder from ordinary to a must have. Great coverage, blends/buffs really well, has great staying power, and when I used this make up I had absolutely no break outs! It is kind of expensive for only a little bit of powder though.

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  • Bcarreras44 By  Bcarreras44    


    Bare Minerals in my opinon is the best make up to get, the downfall is that it pricy! It keeps ur skin beauitful and it isnt as oily or dry. this foundation leaves you lookin flawless, literaly..

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  • Emily_Gunter By  Emily_Gunter    

    Oily skin to Dry Skin

    My whole life I've had excessively oily skin until this week. I started a regimen of isotretinoin (high dose of Vitamin A) to clear up acne. It works to eliminate oil production. Therefore, I had to stop using all of my anti-oil, anti-acne products and begin using mineral makeup. This mineral foundation is amazing! It has great coverage especially paired with BareEscentuals concealer. It keeps my face matte and gives my skin a nice even tone. I highly recommend this for all skin types!

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  • Linseylou By  Linseylou    

    My favorite make up product. Been using for 10 plus years.

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  • Velvetletter By  Velvetletter    

    One of the best foundations I've ever used on my oily skin. It has great flawless coverage and blends into my skin tone really well. I love how I can build coverage on problem areas. Slight downfall is that is takes some extra time to apply, gets into my breathing space when buffing away, and can seep into large pores on the nose.

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  • Jessicalambertl By  Jessicalambertl    

    Natural feel when wearing this foundation , I love that is doesn't clog my pores! Thank you bare minerals!

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I e been using this for about 4 years now. It gives you great coverage, looks natural and lasts longer than liquid. My recommendation would be to go to Ulta, Sephora or a Bare Minerals store and have them do a test on you to find the perfect shade

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    Have beeb using this foundation for yearssss! Gives good coverage, is light and natural looking, and keeps my shine and oil at bay. Great shade offerings and super easy to apply with a brush. The coverage is definitely not seemingly as full as a liquid foundation, but this looks more natural and nerve cakes up, which a liquid sometimes can.

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  • rkellly By  rkellly    

    My favorite foundation!! Gives good coverage and works great on oily skin! Goes on evenly and feels very light! Only downfall is that you lose half the powder each time you try to put it on. It can be very messy!

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    I really do like this powder foundation for everyday light use. It is a light coverage, so it just even the skin out; I have some hyper-pigmentation (light to medium dark spots on my cheeks) from the sun, and even when it doesn't erase it, it does tone it down quite a bit and for a more natural look I like it. The powder is super silky and it doesn't give me a chalky look, on the contrary it gives me a bit of a velvety look and feel to my skin. I also really like it as a finishing powder over my foundation, right know the liquid foundation I am using is a bit light for my skin but with this powder foundation it makes it match perfectly and at the same time making it last. Never thought the combo would work but it does and it even give me more coverage. I do recommend this foundation but I do caution that it contains an ingredient that in few cases it may cause you to break out or cause a rash, it happened to a friend, but it has worked great on my skin. So, like I said, this is a great light-weight and light-coverage foundation for the everyday, it isn't as expensive as most high end ones, so it is a plus, and also they have a wide range of colors, so there is a good chance you can find the one that matches your skin just perfectly.

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  • CourtLux By  CourtLux    

    I have been using BM for over five years now. Once I made the switch, I saw noticeably wonderful changes in my skin. My face isn't nearly as oily - and I have less breakouts. I love the simplicity of using loose mineral powder for foundation. Easy to apply and remove! I use Medium Beige.

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  • megmeg77 By  megmeg77    

    Great coverage, without looking like you have makeup on!

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