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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    This lip gloss is great. The color is good, and the tingly feeling is awesome!

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    I love the colors and tingly feeling this lip gloss has when you apply. It is sticky and will catch your hair so be careful!

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  • Krisbee4 By  Krisbee4    

    This might be a bit unfair because I despise lip gloss. But this is my reason - it is too sticky! I think the fact that its so sticky adds to the shine, but I find the shine to look way too unnatural and unattractive. I think if this lip gloss had the shine that a good lip balm gives off, plus the beautiful color of this gloss, minus the stickiness - I could like it. But this lip gloss is so far from that it is impossible for me to like it.

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  • ccluv121 By  ccluv121    

    Love, Love, Love!!! This lasts a long time, goes on smooth without being sticky and leaves a nice cooling sensation on my lips. The color is subtle but very flattering - I can't live without this.

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  • sandora128 By  sandora128    

    I have tried every lip plumper on the market (no joke) and this is the best (besides pure cinnamon leaf oil, which burns like hell). I use B.E. products and I bought a couple of these because I liked the colors. I was not expecting it to work as well as it did. Now it is all I use on my lips! It makes your lips feel cool, not burning!

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    I love these lip glosses. They're my favorite lip gloss. I have purchased two glosses. I put one at home and one in my purse just in case I need a quick shine on my lip. The gloss is long wearing and come in varies color.

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  • indie515 By  indie515    

    I love Buxom lip glosses. They're my favorite and I have purchased two 4 pack assortments and two full size in the last year. These glosses are long wearing and the colors are great. I prefer those with a little shimmer - my favorite being Claire. The small tubes I purchase had a brush applicator which is great. Unfortunately the full size has a sponge tip and this is not as good. MUCH prefer the brush! I would suggest the 4 pack collections as a way to try colors.

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  • arobertson4 By  arobertson4    

    Great gloss because it lasts long. It gives a really cool tingling feeling that lets you know it hasn't worn off. The color, Melonie, is part of the Buxom tints collection, and it is bright pink. Overall, its a great gloss.

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