Barbershop Fined For Only Giving Haircuts to Men

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 15, 2015

One Washington, PA woman who was looking to get a quick haircut  and maybe a cocktail decided to give her local upscale barber shop a go. Upon entering the shop, owner John Interval refused to cut the woman’s hair, citing that his store provides for men’s haircuts only.

A local Pittsburgh CBS News affiliate reports about the shop’s refusal to cut a woman’s hair and how that ended up costing the owner $750 in fines. The shop, called Barbiere, has a sign out front that reads “Gentlemen’s Fine Haircuts”. This, however, did not deter one woman from requesting a cut. Barbiere’s owner, John Interval, has created an environment in his shop that provides beers, cocktails, video games and sports programs for his clients who are 100% male.

After the incident with refusing the woman a haircut, Interval reports that he received paperwork stating that she had filed an action against him with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and he is required to pay a hefty fine for not providing services for women in his shop. Interval defends his actions stating that he does not mind cutting women’s hair but has designed his shop in a way just for men and lacks equipment to give a traditional women’s haircut. He says, “You know, I’m not opposed to doing women’s hair. Just not in this shop. I don’t even have [the equipment] to do women’s hair. I want to open a shop to cater to them and no men will be allowed there. They’ll have all the champagne and mimosas they want, and that’ll be on the house.”

Though the woman has accused Interval of discrimination, he doesn’t see it that way. He says simply, “I didn’t really consider it so much a discrimination thing as – it’s a barbershop… for guys.” Though Interval disagrees with the action brought against his shop he has agreed to pay the fine.

What do you think of this barber shop being fined for refusing to cut women’s hair?

Do you think this is an example of discrimination or should barber shops be allowed to cater exclusively to men?

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dreapress by dreapress | ROACHDALE, IN
Oct 11, 2015

Why would a woman go to a Barber Shop? She was just trying to start trouble. He cuts MEN'S hair. I wouldn't want him touching my hair! I'd leave with a buzz cut and a shave of my face, lol!

ajsterz by ajsterz | Lowell, MI
Sep 30, 2015

Did he explain to the woman why he wouldn't cut her hair? Why would she want to get her haircut at a barbershop? If he explained his reasons, and she still wanted to get her hair cut even though he didn't have the right tools, then cut her hair. I don't think it needs to be a big deal on either end. If this woman felt more comfortable at a barbershop, then don't turn away her business. If barber shops can cater exclusively to men, then should salon's cater to just women?

JeanieKool by JeanieKool | CNTRY CLB HLS, IL
Sep 25, 2015

As a business owner, I reserve the right to choose who I do business with. I think it's ludicrous to tell me who I must serve.

miamiladyliving by miamiladyliving | MIAMI, FL
Sep 16, 2015

I think businesses should be able to cater to whoever they want. They're the ones providing the service so they know who they should be providing it to. If not all same gender schools should also be fined because they're discriminating. It's silly how people take things out of proportion.

TamJu46 by TamJu46 | PIKEVILLE, KY
Sep 15, 2015

He should have explained that he wasn't equipped to cut her hair and if she still wanted a hair cut from him then he should have. Personally, I wouldn't want a barber cutting my hair.